Saturday, May 18, 2013


What does it mean?  Well I guess it could mean, in theory that a bullet cannot penetrate.  Right?  But what if they make a bigger sharper more powerful bullet?  Then what?  Somebody has to come up with the next level of bulletproofing.  And the quest continues in an effort to become invincible and protected from impact or death.

That word dropped into my spirit this week.  Why?  I cannot tell you, but I had to write as I usually do.  Catharsis?  Most likely, but it’s always deeper and cheaper than professional therapy.

I’ve always found it fascinating to watch television shows that highlighted the science of bulletproofing things.  Glass, clothing, vehicles, and walls – the list is endless.  It’s amazing what the advances in this technology have achieved.  But again I beg the question: what if a bigger projectile comes your way?

I believe God has the most invincible substance in the universe, and very often unknown or unseen by humankind.  Go with me for a moment please.

Psalm 119:165 reveals the divine substance God has created for an impervious covering from oncoming projectiles that are meant for our destruction.  “Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.” (KJV)

Now that doesn’t sound too dangerous, until you realize what projectiles the enemy of our soul uses against us.  As a matter of fact, when we come to the realization that our enemy only has a cadre of lies and liars, and a simple but deadly strategy to get us to believe them and thereby take offense – we can begin to see what bulletproof really looks and feels like.

Jesus told us “offenses” would come.  He told us in this world we would have “trouble”.  He showed us by His own life that we would be assaulted by weakness and temptation, yet we could overcome.  Even while being tortured and executed He demonstrated Words of faith to release His offenders; “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do”.

One time the religious leaders of His day attempted to offend Jesus by calling Him a bastard.  Because it was widely known at the time, that Joseph His earthly dad, wasn’t His biologic father.  They even called him a drunk, a glutton, a friend of sinners, and accused Him of being demon possessed and in service of Beelzebub.  Sounds like Jesus could have had much to be offended by, but He wasn’t.

So why and how could He have lived with such a Bulletproof nature?  And no, it wasn’t because He was God and human at the same time.  Because He set aside His privileged status (Son of God), to become just like us, yet never committing sin (never getting offended).

Here’s how I believe (am convinced) that He did it.  He loved the Law of God.  Not only did He know the Torah, and the Prophets and all recorded scriptures written to that date, but He also loved and submitted to the Talmud of the Holy Spirit – on a moment by moment basis.  He described it as hearing and seeing what the Father did, and then acting in obedience and in parallel to those things revealed (laws).

If I am to become the Bulletproof man of God He’s ordained me to be, I must love not only what is written between the covers of my Bible, but I must whole heartedly love the new and final law or command left by Jesus – Love.  The Law that was left for us to live by is this: Love God with all our lives and love people.  Period.

All my actions and behaviors must be rooted in my devotion to Father God and obedience to this Law of Love, as demonstrated through Jesus’ life and example and the constant guidance of the Father via the Holy Spirit.  Even Jesus told us that all the historic writings of scripture hang on those two commands (laws).

So, by loving this new and sometimes difficult to obey Law, I am promised protection from offenses that will assuredly come against my soul.  And if I disregard this highest and best strategy for Bulletproofing my soul (and entire life), then I am guaranteed that offenses will begin the insidious decay of the Life God has planned for me.

So let me ask you?  How Bulletproof is your soul?  Because if you’re using the “latest” and “greatest” religious strategy or mantra, and you feel impervious, just wait because a greater bullet of offense will come, and you’ll become vulnerable to impact or death.  But, if you lay hold of the Living Law of Love, and if you will moment by moment pay attention to and obey the Voice of the Father, you will always stay one step ahead of the enemy of your soul.  You will become Bulletproof, because the Voice of the Father, and the love of His Law will prevent offense from piercing your soul.

The greatest risk I run as a follower of Jesus Christ is ignoring the opportunity to Bulletproof my soul, by loving the Law of God.  And the proof is in the peace; the peace that cannot be explained, especially to the uninitiated.

Bulletproof – It’s possible!

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