Monday, July 21, 2008

Fire Proof My Feelings

Over the years I've had my share of challenges in my marriage and family. Many times I've consulted with older wiser pastors, counselors, and yes even psychologists. I have a wonderful marriage, and my wife is my best friend and my greatest confidante, besides Jesus. But of all the things I've sought to help me understand who I am or who my wife is, none of the above really had the deep and lasting impact we were needing.
Several years back, my wife and I began our deepest quest to date, to become the people God desires us to be. What we thought might be the next class or seminar to equip us, never really happened. As a matter of fact, by the time we began to calculate the time, money and emotional equity spent on seeking tools to improve our marriage, ministry and our own selves, we realized most of those efforts produced little change.
In our exhaustion and frustration (Mark 5:26) we found ourselves at the Mercy of God. What a glorious place to be (you just don't realize it at the time). What we discovered was, we each of us had an enormous set of buttons, that from time to time would get pushed. As a result, ouch, usually happened. Because ouch or pain would occur, then our behavior would become less like Christ than it should be. In other words, our pain, insecurity, frustration, yada, yada, yada, all caused us to sin (Galatians 6:1 KJV; Hebrews 12:1). You know, the kind of sins that slow a persons progress. You know, the kind of sins that we so easily entertain or enable (Christian codependency) to exist in the church and clergy, because they've become so prevalent.
Ultimately, we discovered that how we "feel" about something really does matter. And that if and when we would let Jesus show us where those bad feelings were coming from, He would speak to the lie that was the source of our pain.
As for Fire Proofing our marriage, I think we've been doing that for years, but as for pain proofing our lives and marriage, that's been nearly impossible, especially in the ministry.
UNTIL NOW. May I say that God is doing something not short of a miracle. We are experiencing a process of healing and growth like I've never known. We have high anticipation that God is preparing us to restore and reconcile others, because that is what He is doing in our hearts and lives.
For what it's worth. Feelings do matter! If you don't believe me, just try making it one day without your feelings causing you to interpret your daily situations, and thereby dictating your actions. Go ahead, I dare you. You will find, good and bad, ALL OUR ACTIONS, are predicated upon how we feel about the matter. Oh, we may have tons of information, raw data, and even biblical precedent, but all of us act upon how we feel, regardless of how much grit and spizeringctom we can muster.
This has become a long discourse, so I'll end it for now.
But, I'm anxious to see the movie Fire Proof. I'm sure it will have a powerful impact on many, but until we get all our feelings in order, until we get the lies eliminated from our thinking and our memories, no amount of biblical Asbestos will prevent a marital conflagration from occurring and burning the daylight out of us.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Why the Word?

Just a short thought... John 1:1-5 describes the "Word" of God and it's place and connection to the cosmos. It further indicates that an element within the cosmos is "darkness" in contrast to "the light".

If you read no further in the Bible or if this passage were all you had access to, how important would the "Word" be to you, if we are to be reconciled and restored to God? Assuming you believe we are, without God, unreconciled and unrestored.

It seems that God originally created and connected with His creation, by His Word. From the very beginning until now, God speaks. He speaks and has spoken with an audible voice, with a still small voice, and even with a gentle knowing in the hearts of man even sometimes through man.

Further, as He spoke in these various ways, those spoken to, recorded His Words, instructions, commands, helps and healings. Essentially God, by speaking to us, has become our ultimate "Life Coach". In doing this, He's established a way by which He communicates with man. He speaks Words that have power to change, to give life, to reconcile matters between God and man, and even man to man, to restore lost hope and fortune to those taken captive by the thief, liar and murderer - the enemy of our souls.

In short... Words matter... to God... and to us!
Think about life without words. Would it be life?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Feelings Nothing More Than Feelings

It seems to me that years ago there was a song with those lyrics. I'm sure there are many more today that talk about feelings. Hey, I bet that most TV shows appeal to people's feelings [joy, fear, excitement, anger, lust, hope, etc.].

I think I'm finally coming to the conclusion that almost everything in the world revolves around feelings. And if we can, eliminate the bad ones, things just might improve.

I know that over the years, when I've done stupid things or even found myself falling into sin, it's most likely because of my feelings about something. I'm hurt, I'm lonely, I'm angry, I'm offended, I'm insecure, I'm not confident. On and on the list could roll.

I wonder, have you ever noticed how your feelings effect you? Just wondering, because I know, I'm really coming to a new understanding of how powerful my feelings on any matter really are, and how important it is to let Jesus speak to those feelings and reveal the lies behind them.

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Remember, we're all broken inside.