Sunday, May 19, 2013

Holes for Eyes

As I slipped in and out of REM this morning, I had thoughts of something Jesus said.  He told us that our eyes are an access point to our souls; and that a Spirit led observer can actually see into those secret places of a person’s heart.

Don’t worry, I’m not taking online classes or anything to become certified, but I will say this; ever since I was a child, something strange would occur from time to time when I would encounter certain people.  Some would describe it like this.  “The lights were on, but nobodies home.”  You know what I’m saying?

And it goes beyond just personality or temperament.  It’s deeper.  There are times when the Lord speaks and shows me things.  I look into certain people’s eyes and I see things.  (Creepy I know, nonetheless true.)  Sometimes it’s very disturbing.  It’s like peeking into the window of someone’s private space.

There have been times I’ve looked into the eyes of a man and God showed me adultery, pornography or even violence.  Other times the eyes have shown me a life of falsehood (lies) and self-deception (lies).  And at times, I’ve seen brokenness and sorry beyond apparent repair (despair).  Or how about seeing anger and resentment (hurt); the list goes on and on.

But the flip side is, I’ve often seen Jesus alive and well in those eyes.  I’ve seen a gentle spirit, nurtured by the truth of God.  I’ve seen the eyes of a man in whom there is no “guile” or effort to hide from the truth or deceive others.

In the eyes of people, by the leading of the Holy Spirit we can see darkness or light.  We can see a need or we can see a bulkhead of self-reliance unwilling to be helped or known by God or anyone else.
As one who has known love and plans to love again in a very personal way; it is possible to see within the eyes of another, a place of safety, vulnerability, desire, hope, light, dreams and much, much, more as God ordains a holy interface born of His nature and image.  The possibilities are endless – and promised!

Don’t answer out loud, but do you know what I mean?  To look into the eyes of a child or loved one and see oneself in the meadow of their heart and mind – playing and celebrating – being part of their world and they of yours.  Mysteries indeed to the uninitiated, but to those of us who have the power of God within us, such prophetic vistas open roads to new hope and faith in Him who plans all things.

My greatest fear is not that someone would look into my eyes and see skeletons in my closet or feet of clay covered by Wingtips of spiritual bravado, but that all they would see is void.  A void so dark it looks like “dolls eyes” (Captain Quint – Jaws circa ’75).  Oh what a fear to have Holes for Eyes. Far worse than Little Orphan Annie.  At least she had cute red hair and a sweet dog.  I digress.

What I’m trying to say, for my friend who is teaching me to clarify and be succinct:  I don’t want Holes for Eyes!  I either want others, by God’s grace and power to see glory, hope, faith, love and Jesus.  Or I want them to see pain, sorrow, sin, and great need.  But I NEVER EVER just want Holes for Eyes!

For when a person has Holes for Eyes, it’s the same as being lukewarm with God.  Not a good thing at all; scary at best, deadly at worst.

So after all these words, let me ask: do you have Holes for Eyes?  Or can it been seen that there something resident within?  I hope it’s good or evil, light or dark, but woe unto the man who only has Holes for Eyes.

PS: I’m near sighted, astigmatic, and wear bifocals, but one thing I do know, I don’t I have Holes for Eyes.  Peek inside next time you're close enough.

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