Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It’s Time to Write

Some folks light up, other’s track down the now elusive Twinkie.  Some stack up their files to hide downloads or clear their history, while others pull a cork from a wine bottle because wine is acceptable, whereas hard core spirits are taboo.  Then you’ve got the lonely sole with a melting credit card to satiate their emptiness.  And of course there are the religious folks who wouldn’t miss a day or hour that the church doors are open, yet they dance hand in hand and sometimes cheek to cheek with the above mentioned vices.  Oh wait, least I forget the health nuts.  Can you say that these days?  Smile, they’re in love with the lesser of many gods.  Or what about the musicians who pour out all they have in hopes to touch just one soul, and then receive a standing ovation?  Or how about the ones hording ammunition, because weapons availability won’t be the issue – lethal projectiles are the things that make those hot sticks worth their weight in gold.  Forgive me, I digress.

Then you’ve got the writers; the souls that bleed through keyboards onto digital paper.  They never really anticipate their own breakthrough, but they do hope for best seller Power Ball jack-pot status.  You know, we’re the ones who’ve traveled all the above roads and beyond.  That’s why you love to hate us, but can’t stop coming back for more.  Smile it’s all about typical stuff.  Right?

Why do I write?  Well first because if I don’t, what little arthritis I battle sets into my knuckles and I hate that.  Pain sucks in the area where you most need function.  Amen?

But secondly, I write for selfish reasons.  I write because it’s cathartic.  I write because if I don’t I’ll throw up.  Okay that’s not true, but it sounded good as I was typing.

Truthfully I started writing while matriculating at Evangel College in the early 80’s.  I had an old manual Royal typewriter that my dad bought for me at a second hand store on our drive to Springfield, Missouri, my freshman year of college.  I used that thing for the first 4 years of college.  Then I got an Apple IIc.  Thanks Wozniak.  Jobs is dead.  Accept it you cult people.

Over the years, I’ve written for way more than catharsis or cash flow.  I’ve written hundreds, maybe even thousands of sermons.  I’ve written hundreds of newsletter articles; and several hundred blogs over the last few years.  I just love to write.  I love to talk too.

But somewhere mid-stream, I realized that the many things moving through my soul may actually be of help or interest to someone beyond me.  Without any pious posture, but with honest and prophetic metaphor and Spirit Words, I just might leverage my reason for life here on earth.  That’s good right?

When God gave us talents, He did so according to our abilities.  That says much.  If I write, then it’s according to my abilities.  If I preach, or sing, or play or dance or paint or whatever;  I do so according to the abilities He’s given me at birth and throughout my life and experiences.

So here’s the POINT: DO WHAT HE HAS ABLED YOU TO DO!  Therein you will find the greatest fulfillment and affect beyond yourself.  Amen?  I say amen!  Just do it!  Wait Nike cashed in on that one.  I’m screwed.