Monday, June 25, 2012

In a Dyslexic Universe

Earlier today, I lived a common routine.  Me eating my oatmeal breakfast as my dog humbly waited at my feet.  Not out of the ordinary for any dog people out there.  As she looked up at me, with the eyes only a devoted family member could give, I thought about God for a moment.

I’ve heard it said that the dyslexic atheist said; “There is no Dog!”  And to that I’d say you’ve not experienced Dog for yourself.  I actually believe in things beyond myself and beyond what I can see with my naked eye.  And I further more believe, like my dog, God must be experienced on a personal basis, to even begin to grasp the power, majesty and eternal love He exudes.

Like my dog, you may not know her, but I can tell you she has a tender soul.  She is devoted and loves unconditionally, even when I’ve been a rascal towards her or neglected her for hours at a time; she still loves me.  And some would say it’s because she knows who fills her bowl with chow.  I say different.
In a Dyslexic Universe, everything tends to be reversed, but is no less real.

As you seek to know God from the scriptures, or even from personal spirit interface, there is one thing that for many of us becomes a noticeable conundrum.

From the beginning God said, yes you may, but no don’t.  God said, go, but don’t.  He said, live, but you must die.  If you live by the sword, you’ll die by the sword, but carry one anyway.  He said, “I AM”, and you’re not, but you can be in Me and I in you.  He said, let there be light, and there was, but also that from darkness, light would emerge.  He said, nothing shall be impossible for you, yet all things are impossible without Him.  He said, His desire is that all be saved, yet few will be.

Maybe you didn’t catch, the language of God, but I did.  In a transient universe that is ever expanding, He says all spirit and matter lasts forever, but an end to all will soon come.  Confusing?  Only to those who know not Dog.

When I looked into the eyes of my dog today, I was reminded of how complex the things of God really are and how some days I don’t have a clue, but other days something hooks my soul and I just get it.  When I have those moments of uncertainty, that are likely to be proprietary to me alone, I speak out into the air that appears to have no one there, but I know I am heard.  And I listen for that Voice.

I am convinced my dog has ESP.  Or at least she is convinced she does.  But in the long standing debate, whether dogs can communicate with humans or not, I believe they can.  I believe I’m linked to all creation, and from time to time I grown with it, as I await the arrival of the sons and daughters of God; or my own confirmation of such a noble title.

The next time you think there’s no God, look into the eyes of your dog and stop to consider what’s going on in the heart and mind of such a devoted one.  Just an animal?  I think not.  I think not.

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