Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Good Betrayal

Many months ago, maybe even a few years ago, I came to a conclusion in my life.  It was a conclusion that led me to a better understanding, but not always a better outcome, at least at first.  That conclusion was this; To live in truth you must betray error.

Let that soak in for a moment.  The betrayal of error may initially sound simple and quite Christian in nature, unless the bulk of what influences us are lies believed to be true about ourselves, God and others.   Put it this way, for me to betray error in myself, I must be willing to accept the fact that error or lies and deception may have been woven into my very being, my very life context.

Born again, saved and sanctified by the blood of Jesus, does not immediately expel error or blindness.  Now granted, I know some people, who’ve had power encounters with the Living God and they come away like a completely different person, but their number are few.  As it stands, most of the people I know who’ve encountered God in a saving manner through Jesus Christ seem to take months, years and even a lifetime to arrive at the place of living fully in the image of God here on earth.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that God is unable, nor His Spirit and Word powerful enough to bring about progressive and permanent change, but one key component in this process becomes the fulcrum on which the entire transformation rests.  That is the fulcrum of my will released to His will.

It is my decision, a decision of the heart and will that says; “I’m ready to recognize and betray the errors I’ve believed”.  The errors or lies I’ve lived.  All of which may sound simple, but often it’s not.  I should say, the process of freedom and truth is easy, but arriving at the point of being ready to face down lies with truth, can take time.

If my eyes have been opened to the powerful truth and grace that comes alone from God through faith in Jesus Christ; then I daily stand at a fork in the road.  I must daily engage my will and decide that I will pursue truth over error, at all cost.

When that choice is set before me, to choose life or death, death tends to look more appealing.  Appealing in the sense that my flesh sees it’s choices through the eyes of lies and error, and so death masquerades as viable life.  And when truth and life are presented, the flesh often becomes suspect or paranoid or mistrusting of life and truth.   Therein lays the struggle, but that struggle must be waged if freedom and peace are to come.

If I really desire to live in truth, to face the mirror of self and to surrender my will to His, I must betray error!  I must become the corporate whistle blower of my soul.  I must become the fearless tattletale willing to stand against all odds that mask lies believed to be true.

The only way for me to live, day in and day out in truth, is to betray everything that is erroneous and stand alone if necessary on the grace and truth He alone can provide.  And that’s not always easy, but it is doable.

To live in truth you must betray error.

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  1. AMen! HOw courageous a person must be to betray error in this day and age. Not confroming to the pattern of this world tends to be seen as a betrayal of humanity. It is the cross we must carry daily in order to stand up for what is right and godly.