Sunday, June 17, 2012

Just Me!

When I was young, (younger than 51) I somehow believed that my well-being was subject to someone else.  You know, like the government, the district office, my church, my family and oh yeah, loved ones.  But can you guess what?  I was wrong.

Oh yes, I can quote the passages from scripture that show our need for each other, our need not to seek independence from other organs in the Body, but this thing is way different.  This is about what Jesus died for.  This is about, why He came.  It’s about the one on one connection between me and Him.  The connection that can’t be found elsewhere; nor can it be blamed or gleaned from elsewhere.  It must come from Him the Author of Life.  My life.  Your life.  Our Life in Him.

When it comes to making a commitment to jump from a bridge with a bungee cord tied to your ankles, you really need to trust the one who ties the knot.  And I’m not sure if I know the guy who’s tying the knot.  I mean, maybe he wasn’t a Royal Ranger?  Maybe he never knew how to tie a clove hitch or whatever?  Can we trust the one who ties the knot of our faith?  Can we trust the one who tells us it’s okay to jump and don’t worry?

Seriously, were they there for the quiz on Wednesday night?  When we tested on knots?  Wow???  I’m not sure.

When I finally do decide to bungee jump, or base-jump from the Seattle Space Needle, I swear I’ll know who packed my parachute or who tied my cords.
Just today, my daughter said something about base-jumping from the bell tower above our old 100 year old church.  Now I’ve never base jumped but, 65 feet just isn’t enough.  J

You’re next…

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