Friday, November 4, 2011

The Great Money Grab

I should have done this yesterday, when it came to mind, but I didn’t so I’ll do it now.

I really believe that next to peace on earth, of which everyone is going to get real crazy to achieve, there is coming, and very quickly, another massive demand. The Great Money Grab is a coming movement that will take many of us by surprise, yet will be precipitated by each of us. I say that because, all of us needs money, right?

Money is the tangible life blood of each person who’s ever put their nose to the grindstone and shoulder to the wheel. Are you kidding, none of us goes to work strictly for benevolent reasons, not caring if our blood, sweat, and tears (and time) are rewarded with some sort of legal tender or tangible goods? I for one will not work for very long without the prospect of some sort of reward, be it cash or some other element that ultimately will translate into food, shelter, clothing, and some really cool shoes and internet service. And everyone said; Amen?

The point I’m making is, as I watched the news last night, more and more about Greece, and the European Union, and how they affect the U.S. and global economies got more and more poignant. Also, what about the sleeping, yellow giant to the east? It keeps hitting its snooze alarm, but eventually it’s going to get up off it’s back and demand payment or else.
So what’s the simple answer? Level the playing field for everyone, and create a global currency, so that no one can manipulate values across boarders and seas. That’s right, a one world economic system with class reciprocity across the board.
I think the Bible mentions something about the fact that during a certain seven year period of time, there will indeed be what I described above – and worse. Google it if you don’t have a Bible.

And now, on top of it all, just today I saw the news of some “Occupy” wherever, offshoots who are urging people to close their bank accounts tomorrow (especially if you have accounts with the big Wall Street type banks) and put your money in smaller local banks and credit unions. Essentially causing a run on many major banks; maybe. And of course that would be great for the entire nation; right?

Watch closely kids, for the next big show down. The Great Money Grab, is coming to your world very soon, but few will realize the gravity of its influence, nor will they even remotely understand what it will precipitate so as to fulfill God’s ultimate plan.

Don’t hold too tightly onto your assets and this world, because in a simple heartbeat or an overnight, you might find yourself at the bank wanting your money, and the doors are locked, and the pantry is empty, and you have nowhere else to turn, but to the movement and the momentum that will be created by, The Great Money Grab.

Just remember… don’t let anyone mark you or implant you, in the name of getting your cash back.


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