Sunday, November 6, 2011

When God is Not Our Destination

I was just thinking this morning, about my journey in this life, and where I’ve been and what’s transpired in my short 51 years, and something dawned on me. It was a question that weighed very heavy on my heart: Is God my destination or simply a vehicle I’ve used to make my way through this life?

I really began to ponder that introspective question, because what I don’t want to happen is that I get to the end of my life and I stand before God, face to face, and He doesn’t recognize me as one of His very own, but He recognizes me as one of the masses who used Him as a vehicle to get what and where they wanted in this earthly life, but lacked the ultimate goal of Him as my final destination.

Let me break this down. I believe we can use God, or God stuff (Bible, prayer, church, music, etc.) as a cathartic vehicle or tool to travel this life, because often, things that are greater than us, in terms of ideals, philosophies, or simply positive life actions that yield good results, can actually be substituted for a personal dependent relationship on God.

For instance, most of the divine Laws that are in the Bible, that declare a blessed result if someone participates in them, can be activated by unbelievers – with good results; simply because they are laws that apply to all who operate in them. And many of those laws work without regard for ones belief in God.

So what I have to ask myself is this: Have I used all the principles and laws of God, to help me through this life, and comfort me with tangible results; all without God as my ultimate destination (a full relationship and recognition by Him and of Him)?

Because When God is Not Our Destination, but only a vehicle to a better life, an abrupt stop at the end will prove that God as a vehicle alone… is not enough. May He alone be the Vehicle and the Destination for the journey we call life.


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