Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Just Another Sign

Many among us believe that the United States of America will never implode and lose its footing as a republic using democracy for a guidance system. Who could imagine America without the full use of all three branches of government, I know I couldn’t have just a few years ago, but times have changed.

Just recently, our current President used some language and executive order that each of us should take serious note of; “We can’t wait” and “I’m going to bypass Congress”. And why? For the good of the people. Right?

Sure, that makes sense, the highest office in the land, goes against the counter balancing legislative body, because said legislative body is just dragging its feet and people need help now. That all sounds so benevolent, but it is one of many signs of our times that we should sit up and take note of.

Because the day and the hour are coming, when governments and world leaders, just can’t wait anymore for legislative bodies to work out the lawful details; they’ll just be bypassed so as to give the people what they need.

Now I’m no political science guru, nor am I an eschatology student, but I know when the Lord places a check in my heart. And what I’m describing above produced such a check. When our President begins to lead, by telling us he’s going to bypass historically and legally established paths by which this republic has been governed, serious trouble is not far away.

With all the protesters, and government leaders operating capriciously on a whim for the sake of the masses, you have the makings of large amounts of people who will be willing to break law, precedent, and common sense and follow ANYONE who will give them what they want. And that my friends is what is warming up in the bull-pen.

Just Another Sign


  1. you know i love you but i have to disagree this time

  2. great post, I am sure worried about our country , this man is crushing our freedoms