Wednesday, April 27, 2011


As I drove this morning, I found the “I Love You” sign that was stapled to a phone pole last week, smack dab in the middle of the street. You know, under the bus kind of thing. I didn’t stop and take a picture, because that would have caused a pileup, but it really made me think how short lived our awareness of God’s love for us really is. Can I write this way? I just did.

All too often, we have this God lust. What I’m saying is we desire God in a way that most often benefits us, and not Him. Now granted, there is not a single human on the planet that could actually be of benefit or value to God, because God is NOT A NECESSARY being. Meaning, HE needs nothing; but He desires SOMETHING.

And desire and need are VERY different things. Need, indicates lack or want. Need, indicates deficit or vacuum, and for that, God has none. So when we look to the idea of God we do so through our neediness and desire, whereas He only looks at us through desire.

Not because He NEEDS US, but because He wants us. Which is way different than our God lust; that we splash all over our reality. Our God lust is based upon one simple thing; US. That’s right, our vacant and desolate need for something to fill the void we call ourselves, when in reality we really need God. And because we are so needy, and He is not, we’ve become masters of pandering to that lust. We’ve become masters at justifying our lustful desires to be like God and to feel like God, without having actual LOVE FOR AND WITH GOD. Get it?

We really don’t love God, but we sure lust after God. For in lust is little if any commitment. In lust there is only subjective pleasure, and that’s what we do best. Please ourselves. Yet true love for the Father, has nothing to do with ourselves, and everything to do with the object of our affection; Christ, the Father, the Holy Spirit… the Triune God!

Yet all too often we have this God lust that is based upon what we want and feel, versus what RELATIONSHIP IS ALL ABOUT; the OTHER PERSON.

We fail to realize that as we come to Him, we do so as giving units (that’s financial lingo for people who give to the church), we come to Him as the ones giving our very best, and not seeking anything in return, yet all the while receiving FAR MORE THAN WE COULD EVER OFFER. Does that make any sense?

In our best efforts and offers God finds nothing, because HE OFFERS it all. Not us. And that screws with our pride and self-reliance; but not with His.

Are you willing to confess that you struggle with a God lust? Are you willing to join the ranks of Fred Stoker and others who’ve lifted the veil on the depravity of human lust and admit that you want a god who will meet your needs and that’s that?

Because I’m telling you, THAT IS NOT WHAT RELATIONSHIP nor marriage is all about. Covenantal marriage is about serving the other. And if we enter into our relationship with the Savior, for only what He can give us, we may be sustained for a season of milky growth, but sometime we have to move into the objective love that would offer something to Him.

And not that we can give Him anything, but we CAN GIVE HIM ourselves; and that is all that He really wants. So the next time you break the second commandment, ask yourself this: Do I have a God lust, or do I really love God?

Better you be the judge now, than Him later.

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