Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Need An Explanation?

“The woman said, ‘I know the Messiah is coming — the one who is called Christ. When he comes, he will explain everything to us.’” (John 4:25 NLT)

One of the most powerful things we should expect from our relationship with Jesus is an explanation. That’s right, an explanation regarding what He’s doing in the world and in our lives. Yet all too often, the first time we don’t get an explanation we were expecting, we stop expecting. Do you understand that?

The reason I ask if you understand, is because understanding the dynamics of disappointment over the wrong things can go a long way in slaking your thirst for bigger interrogatives you’ll eventually have for the Lord. But make no mistake about it; His explanations must always be filtered through the spirit man, and unless we are born of the Spirit, all we will perceive from God is holy static or angelic thunder.

Do you remember the time the Father spoke over Jesus? Jesus was in the process of explaining His purpose and had spoken aloud to His Father, and the Father answered. (John 12:27-30)

My point in drawing attention to this interchange with the Father is not to debate or elaborate Jesus’ purpose and humility in obeying the Father, but to show you how people often perceive words from heaven.

Some actually heard an audible voice that they could document. In my opinion, it was those who heard it through the Spirit in their spirits (and literal ears). Others heard what they thought was an angelic voice, but didn’t understand it. And still others simply heard a noise that they thought was thunder.

Point being: God desires to reveal things to us, to tell us and show us, to explain to us, as the woman at the well declared about Messiah, BUT spirit is and always will be the only interface by which Father communicates to us.

Now granted, I’m typing and talking in whispered tones while I type, and you are reading (if you’ve gotten this far), and your brain is perceiving some if not all of my writing, BUT behind these fonts and my veiled whispers there very well MAY be an explanation from Messiah, that only your spirit can discern.

And that not even perceptibly except for your willingness to receive His Word. If we are not willing to believe, receive, and then proceed with His Word; all we may ever hear is thunder or angelic static, but definitely NOT Messiah’s explanation for our very lives.

So the next time you want some answer or explanation from God; know that Messiah is more than willing to bring the explanation, but it can only come to your spirit, and with a willing and obedient heart.

So if by chance all you ever hear is thunder or nothing, then stop and ask Jesus to help you with your unwilling and disobedient heart and ask Him why you are unable to hear rightly. Pause, focus and listen. He will speak deep in your heart. And be very sure of this, Messiah will explain all things, IF WE ARE WILLING TO receive all things.

Remember; we can’t just pick and choose the things we want explained, but we must be willing to get God’s full perspective and then rest in that. Can you do that? I hope so!

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