Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Love Competition

In these our Last Days, the number one press against all humanity will not be economic, it will not be healthcare, it will not be oil, and even contrary to the popular pundits NOT FOOD. Albeit, I do think that food and potable water WILL TRUMP our need for oil. But that’s for another discussion.

Let me explain what I mean in saying, the number one press against all humanity. Tell me what happened in the Garden of Eden?

I know, I know, God created everything, including two wonderful almost perfect human beings. And then they became far less than perfect, and they fully manifested their free will and disobeyed God the Father. And no armchair theologian would argue that the issue that caused the manifestation of their fledgling free will was doubt in God’s veracity, sown into their hearts and minds by the father of all lies, Satan himself. That’s right; he caused them to doubt Gods loving provision for their very existence. And we’ve been fighting that demonic ploy for thousands of years.

So yes, a lie started it all, for those familiar with Restoration Ministry, but that still doesn’t answer the question of the number one press against all humanity.

The most powerful and the most pressing obstacle for any and all humans to experience in this life IS: The Love Competition! That’s right, The Love Competition.

Oh first let me say, God is far more confident and secure in His love than anyone else. As a matter of fact, He would be the only one who does not NEED love, because He IS LOVE. Yet love is His favorite way to interface with creation. Love is how God chose to HAVE RELATIONSHIP with His creation, especially the one part of creation made in His image, namely US.

But let me ask you again, what was really going on in the Garden that hour Satan came to deceive Adam and Eve? You maybe know the answer by now: The Love Competition.

Because Satan was so self-absorbed, and so in want of adoration and love, that because of his rebellion he lost from God his creator, he became murderous and competitive.

What did, Satan want from Adam and Eve, and from us even this very day? Worship, allegiance, loyalty… LOVE! Yes you guessed it, a perverted, malevolent, death sentence, but nonetheless: LOVE.

And therein lays the number one press against all humanity – this competition for our hearts, this volley for our LOVE. And do you know what; we live the same competition, day in and day out. For what does anyone of us really what but… LOVE!!!

For in genuine love is all provision. In genuine love is all security. In genuine love is all relationship and community. In genuine love is the RESTORATION OF THE GARDEN community. A community where it was one big LOVING FAMILY, with no lack or want; that is what this Love Competition is all about.

Our enemy knows we have such a love vacuum these days that almost anything he can toss our way, gets sucked right into its black hole. But not until we hear the Voice of the One who truly does love us with such a pure and sustaining love can that black hole love vacuum be filled.

And that my friend is what we are still up against. Who will GET OUR LOVE? God or Satan? For when it all comes down to one very specific thing, love does win, so says Rob Bell, in his most erroneous way. But genuine Love, does ultimately triumph, but until He does, our flesh and our enemy are in mortal competition for our love.

And unless we rightly understand this conflict, this hellish competition, we most likely will choose the WRONG PATH to fill our love void. And that’s what our enemy is counting on, but our Father has a different plan.

If we will but only hear the Voice of Love, the competition ceases. The closer we come to the Real thing, all nameless suitors fall by the wayside, and we become totally enthralled with GENUINE LOVE. And then, and only then will be able to be bearers of such Love, so as to break the cycle of competition so heavily crushing all of humanity.

In the end, this thing comes down to who will call us to genuine Love and who will we believe. Remember, I told you so, or should I say I just reminded you of something Someone has already put forth, that this eternal struggle, between Light and dark comes down to The Love Competition.

Pray about it.

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