Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Final Warning

Just days ago, David Wilkerson was killed in a car accident. His life was long and full, having enormous eternal impact on millions of people.

Of all the things he’s done for the Kingdom of God, and they were many, one singular activity, goes unnoticed by many, yet is likely one of the most profound. I believe David Wilkerson, among many things, was a prophet of God.

Over the years he has written and spoken powerful truth and light that few were willing to embrace. For at least several decades, his words in print and in spoken delivery have cut to the heart of an ever growing apostate church. And now he is with the Lord, so who will NOW SPEAK FOR THE LORD?

I can’t answer that right now, but I can say that, when the prophets of God are all gone from the face of the earth, one of two things is happening: 1) the rapture of the Church will have already taken place, or 2) Jesus Himself, will now do the final speaking into the hearts and lives of people on this earth, and then the end shall come.

I take this point of view because in the last days, it will be exceedingly perilous in many ways. For instance, wars and the rumor of war will afflict people globally and fear will be on the increase. Nations will be in dire conflict for all sorts of reasons, and kingdoms (spiritual and physical) will collide without apparent answers to solve their conflicts. Food, shelter, fuel and potable water will all be pursued commodities worthy of war. So things won’t be a bed of roses, not to mention the earth and the atmosphere will rise up to set in fear those who desired to worship the creation instead of the Creator.

But of all these things, one additional element will be of greatest concern for those of us who are in Him. And that is the ploy of false prophets and false teachers. It will be a ploy of false hope in a twisted doctrine that will deny the conflict between good and evil. A doctrine that will deny the deity of Christ, that will deny the existence of hell and consequence, because what kind of a good God would be so mean to send people to an eternal damnation?

Now here is where we MUST BE ON OUR GUARD and be ever vigilant. For as perilous times increase and the press of physical and emotional needs increase, so too will humanities need for peace, safety and last but far from least LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE.

For ever since the beginning of time, the LOVE COMPETITION has been thriving, because we’ve refused to embrace the Truth of God’s never ending love for us, and we’ve taken in the lie that tells us, somehow He is holding out on us, and there must be something beyond Him, or at least something to ADD TO HIM to make things better. And that my friends, is what this FINAL WARNING is about.

Jesus told us in the last days there would be false prophets, and so too the Apostle Paul warned that they would abound and find willing hearers, to speak what the hearers WANT and not what God’s truth actually says.

Even thousands of years ago, the Prophet Daniel warned that the lawless and deceptive voice of the last days would employ the strategy of flattering people, so as to garner a huge following. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE as our Father has set in place the warning signs over the millennia TAKE HEED. For in the day we live, even the most elite spiritual leaders among us, could be subject to this hellish bait-and-switch. Therefore, if the very elect, are subject to this potential deception and delusion, HOW MUCH MORE ARE WE WHO ARE NOT the spiritually elite?

And here is the real kicker; it’s all part of God’s plan. For He alone sends a powerful delusion upon those who have REJECTED THE TRUTH, or in essence to those who have chronically broken the Second Commandment, meaning the ones who’ve created a god of their own liking, while ignoring the Genuine Living God and His Word to the nations.

Which, all the more sets the stage for a vacuum to be filled in the lives of TRUTH rejecters; and false love will fit the bill. A false and flattering word that will tell everyone a major part of the actual truth, but that will withhold the whole truth. These voices in the last days will pander to the deepest need in the lives of mankind; love and acceptance.

For in love is acceptance and security. In love and acceptance is community and peace, and that will last for exactly three and one half years, and then the lie will be revealed in all its brazen contempt for the Living God. And then, life on this big blue planet will spiral into the worst times, ever known or recorded in human history.

So why do I put forward these thoughts? Because THE CLOCK is ticking and time as we’ve known as our ally will soon be our worst enemy, for she will be over as the dispensation of grace slips into the clouds and out of sight.

Oh you may say I’m an alarmist, but may I tell you, Jesus gave us fair and ample warning that He came not to make peace on the earth, but to wield a righteous and holy dividing sword. This sword will divide nations, churches, families, and even the hearts of those most close to the hand of the vanquisher. Yes, it is Christ’s desire to divide our souls from our spirits ONCE AND FOR ALL, so that when the time comes, we will fully and only perceive with our spirits, the things only perceivable by spirit.

And the peace that He promises that will surpass all understanding within our hearts and minds will come at a price. And that price is often thought of as too great to pay, so people reach for the lower shelf and cheaper ingredients to satisfy.

And that my friend IS the world we are living and dying in at this present time. My prayer is that I too would hear the Voice of the Real Shepard and follow Him alone. Because a long time ago, we were given a warning, and I’m not sure if we believed it then, let alone hearing or believing A Final Warning when it is given.

May God be merciful on us one more time and speak and show Himself in even more pronounce ways that ever before. Amen.

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  1. Very Good Word. We need more of this. Keep your ear tuned in to His Voice.

    Jim Opgenorth