Friday, April 25, 2008

The Clock is Ticking

Just a quick thought. Will there soon be a day when the mention of God or Intelligent Design will be illegal [see the movie Expelled], or will the day come when true followers of Jesus Christ will have their children taken away, because we are poisoning their minds with "hate" doctrine [see the polygamist issue - granted they're deceived, but the government did just take away over 400 of their children, for the children's protection - I agree with protecting children and prosecuting pedophiles], but could we too someday be prosecuted and have our children taken away? And what about the Reverend Wright? Was he wrong? Maybe, but the very fact that "guilt" by association may genuinely upset Senator Obama's chances of a bid for the White House, should cause us to at least think. Will the day come that New Testament doctrine RE sin, become such an offense to the culture around us that individuals become targeted by the government, due to their guilt by association - the length of time you've been a member in a church, or sat under "sin" preaching?

Just makes me wonder... How about you? Are we actually discerning the signs of the times?


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