Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cosby's Right

For years I've loved Bill Cosby as a comedian, but now I love him as a prophet. Well maybe he's not really a prophet, but his words echo in my heart like the words of a prophet.
For quite sometime now, he's been an unwelcome mouthpiece for the Black community. It seems that his no nonsense style or as he puts it, his "blunt" way of putting things, continues to raise people's ire. I think he does raise powerful and important questions - allot of cultural interrogatives that tend to rightfully place blame where it should be - on us. Oh, what a novel thing, personal responsibility.
I don't know where Bill's at in terms of his relationship with Christ, but I will say that what he's saying, should be said by the people of God.
We of all people should speak the truth in love, but we don't. We just speak "love" and we never get to the heart of the problem.
And then on top of the Cosby issue, CNN splashes a headline across the screen "Blood in the Streets" 36 people shot, 9 die, this weekend alone.
Where is the answer to these and so many other problems found?
IN CHRIST ALONE! Whether anyone wants to believe it, we are living in the Last Days, and we're getting closer and closer to that Last Day.
Can we as Christians, the people of God, finally begin to open our mouths and speak out about our dyer need for God's intervention? Can we take up the torch where Jesus and John the Baptist left off, "REPENT... FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS NEAR".
I just believe that we have a responsibility to speak the truth in love, and we'd better start in our homes and in our churches... before it is too late.


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