Monday, April 21, 2008

Feeling Much Better

It's rather late, on Monday night, and I was supposed to be at my annual District Council kick-off service, but I strayed away.

Earlier in the afternoon at another meeting I found out from another pastor that some very special meetings were being held at another local church [Heartland AG in Ankeny, Iowa]. Some might call them revival meetings... I kinda think of them as much more. I had attended a service last Thursday night and it was good, and God really showed up and because the services were so powerful over the weekend, the guest minister stayed on... and actually will return next weekend.

So although I missed my DC kick-off service... I DID NOT MISS GOD! That's my point. Regardless of what we have planned or what we think we should be doing, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS NOT MISSING GOD.

When I go to bed in a few minutes I don't want to MISS GOD. When I get up in the morning I don't want to MISS GOD. As I go through my days this week I DON'T WANT TO MISS GOD. For when I DON'T MISS GOD... miraculously I feel MUCH BETTER about myself, others, the world in general, and especially Him, Father God.

I know life's not all about FEELINGS, but just try to live one minute of one day without FEELINGS and my guess is you'd be dead.

So if you are not dead yet, then EXPERIENCING GOOD GOD FEELINGS IS CRITICAL!

Then next time you have a choice, and the options are MISSING GOD or NOT MISSING GOD... don't MISS GOD. Adjust, change, move, run, jump, avoid, excuse yourself, make a call, do what ever you must... but DON'T MISS GOD! I guarantee you will FEEL MUCH BETTER. I know I did...


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