Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Flip Side

I’m no musician nor do I play one on TV, but I do remember the days of 45 rpm records.  Forty-five’s (small 7 inch vinyl records with a big hole in the middle) usually had a popular “hit” on side (A) of the record, and another song (B) on “The Flip Side”.  Very often side B of the record wasn’t initially a pop hit, but sometimes they turned out to be something special.

For you audiophiles and old-school record collectors out there, I’m sure you can list many side B songs that went on to be popular hits.  Yet sometimes both songs were just plain good and it was hard to determine which one should have been on the B side or the A side.  Like Beth and Detroit Rock City by KISS in the summer of 1976.  Both were enormous hits, so who’s to say which one should have been The Flip Side song?

I was thinking about my life in the summer of 2013.  I was wondering about the release of my 45?  I mean my life song; the one being stamped into the vinyl of a 45 rpm record.  Will the song that I thought would be a “hit” on side A, actually be eclipsed by side B, The Flip Side?

It’s hard to say how many, but I’m sure there have been countless one-hit-wonder bands who banked on side A, not attending seriously to the content of side B.  It’s likely they lost their opportunities because they didn’t pay much attention to The Flip Side.  They just threw together something the record company required for side B.  Maybe like what some people do with side B of their lives?

I’m not really sure what my side A song is going to be, but I can tell you this I’m NOT going to ignore the potential of side B; The Flip Side of my life song.

About a year ago I sensed the Lord speaking to my heart.  The words that came were; “The epilog of book one is being written.  And the prolog of book two is already in the works.”  At the time it didn’t mean as much as it does right now (hindsight tends to be 20/20).  It didn’t sink in then like it has now. 

The idea of a two volume book (metaphorically) called my life had never entered my mind.  As a matter of fact, I had always looked at life in two stages.  Stage 1) the earthly physical existence of 70 plus years, and stage 2) after physical death or the Rapture - the heavenly portion couched in eternity and the spirit realm.  But never did I look at my earthly life as something that would be broken into two parts.

The Flip Side of my life, this side of death and eternity, just might be my way of saying “I’m more than a one-hit-wonder or a one-trick-pony.”

I don’t know yet what side A should be called, but I’m pretty sure side B will be called The Flip Side!  The song, the volume, the chance, the opportunity or even the last dance; all represent a possible 7 inch vinyl point of redemption – with a big hole in the middle (you’ll need a grace adapter to play my coming release).

The Flip Side!  It’s what I’m banking on, because God is all about The Flip Side!  God is all about second chances, resurrection, redemption and restoration to a better than expected latter kind of life.

What will The Flip Side of your life sound like?  Will it be penned or tuned with little attention to content or affect, ever believing that side A was enough sustain sales and a local fan base?

I ask that because God has plans for all our lives, especially The Flip Side – the side that reveals His greatest works yet!  It’s that hope I rest upon this very hour.

The Flip Side!  Don’t ignore the possibility.


  1. Good word Russell! I think of Jobs life where it is written, " The latter 1/2 of jobs life was better than the first."

    God is not just a 1st quarter, 2nd quarter God He sometimes takes us into the locker room at half time to instruct, strategize and reveal the remaining game plan for the 3rd & 4th quarters (In basketball terms) God doesn't get weaker in our lives the older we get.


  2. Excellent post, Russ! So many times we forget that there is more to the story of our lives, that part which we don't see. We must remember that He is the author and finisher or our faith...he knows the ending--the big picture. Thanks for the reminder!