Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Will of God

Never in my entire life has there been any other subject of greater concern, but The Will of God.  Oh I’ve toyed with other major Bible themes and doctrines, many of which are actually not clear cut, but may be up for interpretation – without the risk of missing the special favor of God for salvation.  But this one subject has held my attention above all others in the Bible.  Simply put, I don’t want to miss The Will of God – and over my 52 years I often have.

The apostle Paul teaches us that it IS possible to know and participate in, and even test The Will of God, if we are so inclined.  And it is never based upon our abilities, but upon the tenuous simplicity of laying down our lives (our will) for His.  In doing so something happens.  Our minds melt.  Our thinking begins to change; because we are deliberately putting aside our carnal thoughts and desires that are always predicated upon self-preservation and pleasure.  And as we take a stand by the renewal of our minds (our thinking), the fog begins to lift.  Confusion disperses like diluting a toxic solution with a pure reagent (the solution to pollution is dilution).

As I do as He did, offer my will and my body as an instrument of service to Father God, I discover the ease and joy of obedience.  But only when I finally get to the place of desperation, even holy restlessness, and am willing to tap-out or throw in the towel do I find His perfect Yoke.

I cannot say the lead up to that glorious drop on the other side is easy, because for me it wasn’t.  The climb and the ratcheting up to the place of release can be nerve wracking and frankly scary.  But oh the vistas of hope seen at the pinnacle of that upward trek, and the breezes of pure Spirit wind – they are matchless.  They become divine refreshment to slake the driest soul – mine.

I really want to test God (argue with me later about that thought).  And there are few places in scripture that give me that invitation.  In Malachi I’m called to test Him by the faith and obedience to bringing my tithe into the storehouse to supply the work of God.  And also in Romans 12:1-2, I’m invited to test God in the veracity of His will – His good, pleasing and perfect will.  I’m taking that offer.

The Will of God need not be a mystery – to the one willing to die to self and live for Him.

As the monitor of life beeps slower and slower and the respirations get shallower and shallower, our flesh grasps the sheets and twitches its toes not wanting to depart.  That can be a very disturbing moment at best and at worst produce a panic matched nowhere.  But the moment I release, the moment I concede to my own death on the altar of Grace – lightning strikes in the spirit realm and I cross to the other side and find something that is so good, pleasing and perfect in nature I never want to go back.

Thank you Father God for working through a mystery and constantly finding ways to bring us to points of discovery through the death of self – only to find true Life in The Will of God.


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