Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Kingpin

In 1974 I saw pictures in a newly publication called Skateboarder Magazine.  Those pictures changed my life and my motivation.  I soon became a skateboarder.  I still am, just far less vertical.

As I evolved in the sport so too did the equipment.  Year in and year out technological improvements flooded the market making different tricks and moves possible.  But one thing has not changed much since those early days; the physics and principles of how a skateboard turns.

Based upon the antiquated use of split roller skates nailed to the bottom of a flat board of wood, trucks were born.  Trucks are the turning mechanism mounted under the board at the back and front ends.  Wheels are bolted on the ends of the axles and usually two large rubber bushings allow the hanger (the axle portion) to flex back and forth.  Essential for basic turns and hard carves.

I won’t digress into thoughts of my favorite brand of truck (Tracker), but I will say without trucks you just couldn’t turn.  You could not change direction.

Here’s my thought: most trucks have what used to be called The Kingpin.  It was/is an adjustable nut and bolt that the hanger (axle) rested upon, and at the base of the hanger was the pivot point.  Both The Kingpin and the pivot point are essential for the truck to work.  And depending upon the design and the tightness of the nut on the king pin, both would determine the stability of the board and the turning radius.

Without The Kingpin and pivot point; no turns would take place.  And so too with our lives; God has design people, places, things, and events to create strategic components so we could (ideally would) make the proper turns.  Or even, make the basic move called a 180.

Oh God, thank you for the grace in unforeseen Kingpins and pivot points.  Things I would have never thought of, God did.  Thank you Lord that by your design you have enabled me to do the basic life carve and even the occasional 180 to correct a direction that may have ended in eternal road rash.

I would have never understood the need for The Kingpin or pivot point in my life, if it were not for the Holy Spirit revealing how precious God’s designs truly are.  Thank you Lord.  Thank you for a mechanism to turn this life-board around. 

With a truck key in hand and fresh set of Word and Spirit bushings, I’m gonna put The Kingpin and pivot point to the test (maybe even a few grinds).  I used to be able to carve with the best of them.  Let’s see if I still got it!

The Kingpin – essential for tricks AND genuine turnarounds!   

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