Saturday, September 22, 2012

Thermal Pains

Many years ago, someone invented the duel layered glass window pane.  The theory is, with a small amount of dead air between the sheets of glass, a thermal barrier would be created to reduce the passive transfer of heat.  Then someone came up with the idea of adding a heavy noble gas like Argon.  Argon is heavier than air and therefore provides an even greater thermal barrier.

So why are my thoughts on thermal pane windows?  I don’t know, but I woke up the other day with those words stuck in my mind.  Not the word pane, but pain; Thermal Pains.

That’s right, the pains in our lives that create barriers for the transfer of emotional warmth and comfort.  We tend to allow the passive back and forth transfer of warmth and comfort when our heart pain is at a minimum; ergo the idea of Thermal Pains.  Pains of this nature prevent closeness to God and others.  They’re barriers built upon lies believed to be true.  And so often we don’t even know we believe them.  That’s what a good lie is all about – deception.

My thoughts run in this direction.  Pain, heart and soul pain; the kind that sticks deep in us and often unknown to us, skews everything we do, say and even think.  It’s a pain that’s there, but we can’t put our finger on it.  We can’t seem to isolate it nor identify it, so we tend to just live with it.  And it affects every aspect of our life.

Without proper resolution and removal of such pain, which few attempt because of its enigmatic nature, the tendency is to just “live with it”.  Like that ache in our joints as we get older.  Like that short term memory issue we seem to have the older we get.  Like that chronic non-life-threatening health issue that we just “buck-up” and “live with”.

But why?  Why do we tolerate it?

I suppose it’s because we’ve been told life is tough.  Pain happens.  Disappointment is always with us.  Hey even Jesus said “in this world you will have trouble”.  Albeit the divine caveat was His assurance of peace and the reminder that He has overcome the world; yet it is a battle for truth and reality that many still wage.  And I’m no exception.

But here’s the deal, I was reading about the effectiveness of this heavy noble gas call Argon, as a thermal barrier, and in parallel with my thoughts on pain being a barrier for emotional warmth and comfort, and guess what?  I found out the gas named Argon is derived from a Greek word (αργον) meaning “lazy” or “the inactive one” and tends to undergo almost no chemical reaction.  It’s stable, but is very resistant to “bonding” with other elements.

Dig this.  Argon is relationally lazy or inactive and struggles to bond with others.  I’m smiling right now as I stretch my analogy a bit further.  Forgive me?

Pain, based upon lies we believe to be true, will always and ever create a thermal barrier against the warmth and comfort derived from genuine relationships based upon Truth.  Pain, like argon makes us relationally lazy or inactive.  We struggle with bonding to the good in relationships (others and self); because our life is felt and viewed through the perspective of this “argonian-pain” (my made up word).  A heavy lazy barrier that keeps us from the best parts of life, namely the warmth and comfort derived from God, others, and yes even our true self who God made us to be.

Okay, I know my thoughts may be digressive sometimes, bear with me.  If we cannot or better yet, will not be free from the pain in our hearts, we will NEVER find the true connections God has ordained for us in this life and beyond.

So let’s shatter those Thermal Pains and let the passive warmth and comfort of God’s love radiate right to the center of who we are.  Bringing life and reality to the very person we were born to be.  Because holding onto pain is a lazy act.  Let’s get active and release that heavy ignoble element from our hearts and fully experience all of what God has for us in Christ Jesus our Lord – and in communion with others.

Amen & Selah

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