Monday, September 17, 2012

Leading Empty Handed

Recently I’ve come to grips with a few facts of life.  Firstly, I have always believed I was totally sold out to Jesus.  Secondly, I have always believed and confessed that nothing was between me and God.  Both of these belief facts are less than fully true.

When my personal life was turned upside down, God showed me I was trying to lead my life and the lives of others, while holding onto things I believed were my entitlement, and I erroneously believed that those things surely were not hindrances to my leading or living for Him.  But guess what?  I was wrong.

The Lord has shown me that if I am to follow Him and be His representative, I must have empty hands.  I must not hold to anything that I somehow believe is essential to this life but Him.  I know many would subscribe to that statement, but when we’re called to carry the Cross, and our hands are full of the things of earth, we cannot rightly, tightly or confidently grip that sacred beam.

As I write, there is no one to bash but myself.  I’m not writing to indict anyone but me.  And likewise, I am not condemning myself, but I am acknowledging my lack of dependency upon and sacred love for Him alone.  Theory is one thing; living in truth while all hell breaks loose is another thing.

I know God’s grace is more than sufficient.  I also know that His grace teaches us to say “no” to ourselves, and yes to all of His provision.  His grace has appeared in my life to empower me to live my all in Him.  And the only way to do that is empty handed.

Leading Empty Handed is not easy, but it’s essential.

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