Monday, March 5, 2012

Psalm 19:13-14

I woke up with Psalm 19:14 upon my heart (well not the reference, but the words of that verse). I really do desire that what comes from my mouth and what is percolating in my heart is pleasing to God. I don’t think that’s too much to desire, as well as to ask God for help therein.

But only after looking up the verse and further musing upon what God was showing me, did I get a deeper and greater understanding of actually what God wants from me, and what He is keeping me from when I do guard my heart and my mouth according to His way and not mine.

Please bear with me as I paraphrase, in my own words and understanding, this portion of scripture, so that you may experience additional revelation and move closer to the powerful process of a full restoration in this life and on this side of heaven.

My Paraphrase of Psalm 19:13-14

Dear heavenly Father, dear Jesus, dear Holy Spirit; reach your divine hand of power and influence down to the very place I’m at right now. Put that hand out in front of me like a crossing guard, put it out like a rock wall, grab the nap of my neck and keep me from presuming upon your special saving grace, so as to never have a root of bitterness grow up within me. May your keeping hand do just that; keep me from trampling upon your shed blood, in the assumption that what I say and do really doesn’t matter much, because I’ve got a free ticket to heaven by what You’ve already done.

Spin me around, look deep in my eyes, and point Your finger in my face, and speak with a gentle, but powerful and fearful Fatherly warning, as only a loving Dad can do to a son of His own loins. Warn me that if I am not wholly dependent upon You my Father, this deadly presumption upon Your saving and keeping grace can be forfeited. And also, warn me about this presumption and its subtle, but powerful influence to rule my every thought, my every feeling, my every word, and worst of all every single selfish song that echoes in my heart. Tell me it will become like a tyrannical dictator over my life if I do not take the preemptive action of remaining in You and Your Words.

Only then can I live with a deep sense of innocence. Not that I have done anything on my own, but that I have actually, only and simply heard Your Voice teaching, training, rebuking, correcting, and revealing the ultimate guide into a peaceful and lie-less life – obedience to and sometimes painful reflection upon Your words of truth hammered deep into my memories of life. And may this life be so valid in You, that no one or no lie can ever derail me from the path of life You’ve planned. And as I live in Your truth, may I always understand that in Your eyes, presumption upon this grace is the greatest sin of all against Your perfect provision.

My Lord and my God! I declare that what comes out of my mouth in the form of spoken words, would exactly reflect what is in my deepest heart parts, what I feel most strongly about. Because I know You desire honesty from the inside of me, even before you expect it on the outside. Nothing is ever hidden from You. You always look on the inside first – deep inside.

When You do look inside me Lord, to see if my words are matching what is actually in my heart, I covenant with You, I promise you, with all the strength You provide and my very own will; I will be writing a new song, I will be muttering over and over to myself these new lyrics to make sure they rhyme and reflect who You really are. I’m telling you, when I hover over your truth, like a lion hovers over a fresh kill, I will be growling in a low and warning tone. In a tone that tells all would be thieves; “Stay back and realize I’m serious about keeping this meal for myself. This is mine, don’t even come close or I’ll attack you in defense of my only source of life – Your Words.”

And Lord, as you see this picture of my crazed and starving fixation on the Words You give me, be well happy and well pleased with me. Have that warm Fatherly feeling that one of Your very own kids is finally getting it, I’m finally growing up and into Your image. And may I know that regardless of what others see, or even what I may see in my immediate surroundings, You see something very different. You see a son who is learning to live in Your truth and who is experiencing the power of Your peaceful fruit of righteousness.

Only because I’ve finally believed in my heart, based upon the Words You have spoken, that You alone are my strength and emancipator. You alone are the source of all I need, and when I sense Your approval upon my life, there is NOTHING I cannot do, nor is there any opposing foe or force I cannot overcome. I am in Your Love. I am in Your Words. I am Your son, and it feels amazing!

Amen and Amen – Selah.


  1. hi... i read this blog from March 5,2012 and absolutely loved it... i do the same thing with a blog i have, but it isn't as only fourteen years old. i like that you can just clearly say that you woke up with a verse in your are an inspiration

  2. Thanks Anonymous! God is good like that. You know? :-)