Friday, January 13, 2012

The Pinnacle of Our Past

It’s kind of funny how our past lives guide and direct our present. I mean, when you’re up, that typically means there will be a down sometime in your future (notwithstanding the Rapture). And isn’t it queer how things that we once thought were low points, were actually points of contact for the most spectacular rebounds in our lives to date. For that I’d say, yes indeed it’s all good.

But can you imagine a life without the influence of your past? I know it’s hard for me to get my mind around that, but nonetheless, I need to attempt it. For in the good and bad of my past is the present that I’m living. Yes, that’s right, you are a product of your memory; of your past, and that’s what we must consider for the moment.

God has an amazing way of taking what is dead and making it alive again, and He likewise has a fearful way of taking what is alive and making it dead… when Real Life is rejected. You know, to whom much is given much is require?

Anyway, I give thanks to my Father in Heaven that He was in my past and He IS in my present. For although I may not be able to alter my past, He can traverse time and space and speak into my past present so as to change my present future. Get it?

If I say to you; “Don’t let your past determine your future.” You would tend to agree, but MY WORDS ARE NOT LIFE, versus His Words being the very Life of the universe and your reality. So all well and good if I tell you how nice you are now and how nice your future is going to be; but if Jesus doesn’t tell you those words… you will boomerang right back to where you started. All of which is part of the hidden agenda within many religious “helps” groups or churches.

For as long as I can keep you addicted to my words, you’ll be back and you’ll just maybe write another check for the offering. But imagine this; a once “for all” Word that cures EVERYTHING? I know you’ll struggle to imagine that concept, but pause for a moment and consider its possibility.

If all we are IS OUR PAST then hopelessness will be our mantra. But; if Jesus can alter our past, present and even our future, then a new tune just might be in our melody. Our present and our future just may be in the Hands of the One who knows it all… past, present and future.

So why not TRUST and kiss the past good bye? Why not let everyone know you’re a former jerk and a recovering jerk and get on with what the Lord of all creation says about you? It might not be a bad idea. For if and when our past rears its ugly head we can be assured that Jesus has a healing, creating and rebuking word that will shut her down.

The Pinnacle of Our Past will no longer stand, when Jesus speaks a Word that will last and last.

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  1. Amen brother, had to repost part of this on my FB page. God is indeed in control of our past,present,and future.