Saturday, December 3, 2011

Like Sand through My Fingers

One of the most enigmatic aspects of our Father’s love is how He works meticulously behind the scenes; ever eroding and ever dividing our allegiances to anything but Himself. Yet all the while He delights in our delight of creation and the joy found in the Life that only He can bring.

I really love a good pizza. And I believe God takes delight in my taste buds being stimulated to the point where I say “WOW! That pizza tastes great.” And I believe that God takes delight when I’m overwhelmed and in awe of an artist’s rendering of subjective beauty, simply because I get it, I really get it. And others do not; yet He still delights in our delight and empathizes with those still searching for meaning in the abstract strokes of said rendering. He tends to really want us to get things, you know what I mean? But when we don’t He’s not mad about it.

It’s like those amazing computer generated abstract images that look like nothing but psychedelic wallpaper until you let your eyes relax and all of a sudden an image pops out and you say “Oh there it is!” I think God gets great delight when His children experience revelation, at any level.

But what I want to focus on is His desire that any and all things I hold dear on this earth, are not held so tightly that I am anchored here nor hindered from providential lateral movement. Like Sand through My Fingers, should all my affections be, so as not to be able to hold onto anything that could form a solid foundation other than He my Rock.

For if and when I think something is worth holding onto in this life, my Father’s benevolent mercy will find a way to weaken my grip, or cause such a thing to evaporate like a mist, so that my disappointment, may once again turn me back to Him. Granted, He is a gracious Father who lavishes perfect gifts upon His children and frankly loves for them to enjoy those gifts; but woe to him who loves the gift more than the gift Giver.

For if and when I would ever foster desire of creation above Creator, Like Sand through My Fingers, may it fall to the ground and be beaten into the footpath of a better way; a narrow way. A path paved with things left behind in the Name of a higher pursuit, that only the loss and gain of the love cycle can know.

I really love life in general. And if I’m not careful, I can love things in specific, but may I always and ever understand that any thing, any one, any place, any hope, must be balanced and held sway with the Love of God as my most dominant pursuit and passion.

I want to go play on the beach. I want to build sand castles and enjoy the sun and the waves, but likewise I must fully know, by revelation and divine collision if necessary, that in the end, Like Sand through My Fingers must be the kingdoms of my heart be.

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  1. What a lovely lovely comparison! 'Like sand through my fingers must the kingdoms of my heart be...