Friday, December 2, 2011

If Only it Were That Easy

Nothing in life and on earth is as unstable, unsettling or stabilizing and settling than deep personal human relations. There are days when I wonder; If Only it Were That Easy, why wouldn’t more folks be in a positive statistical place rather than a negative?

Are you a statistic? Or are you a pending statistic? Either way, it’s not how we originally entered into this covenant. For most of us, we dreamed of life and peace ‘till death do us part,” right? We just didn’t think that the “death do us part” would involve pain. Or would involve tearing and shredding of sacred clothe. Maybe I’m an old schooler; but sue me.

I believe marital covenants are permanent, even when dissolved. Which makes divorce all the more grievous and loathsome to Father God. But I surely understand the dilemma of Moses; as well as what Jesus said regarding the matter; due to the hardness of hearts. Do you know what I mean?

I’ll let you go for now, but If Only it Were That Easy, we’d all be living in a Jerry Mather’s world. Leave it to Beaver, right?

This was short but visceral. Take it and fry it… and see what cooks up in the end. Call me with questions 515-491-8285. But not after 10:00 pm central or before 7:00 am central.

Agape and fried pork rinds!

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