Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bruised Waters

As I was driving across town today, these words came to mind; “Bruised Waters”. Now I’m not sure what they are supposed to mean, but I’ll attempt to elaborate what’s on my heart.

So often over the years of my life, I’ve heard that still waters run deep. Then I’ve heard that still waters don’t run at all. Then I’ve heard that our lives are subject to the rocks dropped into them creating concentric ripples. Then I’ve heard that the Master calms the waves in the storm. Then I’ve heard smooth sailing is ahead of us all, as long as we tack with the right compass course. All of which is much to do about nothing. Sorry.

The above statements don’t put skim milk in the door of my frig. Nor do they assure me that the King is still on His throne. But more often than not, they frustrate me. Simply because they do not represent the world in which I live. The world that I live in is all about dealing with the waters that have been destabilized by currents or objects to create waves or wakes. Simply put… daily life.

My world very often is ALL about Bruised Waters. They’re very often about learning, by the grace of God to navigate waters that should have been calm – but are not. Bruised Waters are far too often about destinations that one has plotted and confirmed, but due to outside forces, course correction is needed.

Now I’m not so naive to believe that we should always have smooth sailing on the waters of life, but when you have banked it all on carnal promises of smooth sailing IF you take so and so’s words of advice as eternal and permanent truth; it’s likely you’re left with some seriously Bruised Waters.

So what about waters that are far from being calm? What about waters that are more often than not, wavy and unstable? What do we do with Bruised Waters? What do we do when what we thought would be calm turns out to be dented and wavy? That’s a wonderful question to present to each fundamentalist among us?

I know I don’t have an easy answer, per se, but I do know that YOUR waters will be bruised by the intrusion of something and then you must figure out how to float and navigate on waters that were once stable; that now are NOT.

Bruised Waters… Get ready. The impact is coming!

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