Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Broken Edges Tend to be Sharp

I was driving home from work today and I got to thinking about broken hearts. The Bible tells us that broken and contrite hearts are ones that God is looking for, but what affect do those hearts have on others until God gets ahold of them?

Well I’ll tell you. They’re sharp. They cut and they’re very dangerous. Much like some author penned; “Hurt People Hurt People”; that’s a great catchy title that I wish I would have thought of, but I didn’t. But honestly I did think about the sharpness of things with broken edges.

Broken edges tend to be sharp shards of whatever they’re made of. And if it’s the human heart then the edges will be razor sharp and made of heart material. And heart material tends to be things that “feel” right and “feel” powerful and “feel” alive. So what about those edges that seem so sharp?

Here’s the deal. If God desires a broken and contrite heart, so as to enter and make a home; how much more the human hunger for a home? How much more in the fallible cardio of each human being? How much more in the ones who’ve been wounded by the sharp edges of a broken heart? I’d say much more. And life seems to give credence to that hypothesis.

So what about you? Have you ever experienced deep wounds as a result of the sharpness of a broken heart? I ask because I’m convinced that; if you really “feel” and “know” you are loved, then armor emerges on the outside and no sharp edge of a broken and disappointed heart can cut you. But if armor is absent, watch out.

Primal man understood that broken Chert or Flint could be used as a cutting edge, or a piercing tool, but it took several millenniums for modern man to understand the power of a broken heart. As for me, give me tooled rock, and I’m okay. Give me a broken heart and I’m hurt.

Have you ever been in a place where Broken Edges Tend to be Sharp? I know I have.


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