Tuesday, August 30, 2011

If We Can Come Close

One of the most profound and pathetic conditions of our modern day religious culture is this: We see how close we can come to the current culture without crossing biblical precepts. Oh we blush at the thought of anyone figuring out the principles that dot between the precepts; but if anyone ever really did get the message sent from heaven, our budgets may be in trouble.

I say that because, no matter how you slice it, we are a consumer culture. Several years ago, the fellowship for which I am presently in union with, had some teaching curriculum entitled, “Give Them What They Want”. Seriously? Yet that may be what we are doing in mass.

There is so much debate over what God’s will for this current generation is I could choke; that is if I were a Democrat. But, I haven’t been since I voted for Jimmy Carter.

Don’t get me wrong (and many do). I am one who lives to find His will for this generation, but while we are on pursuit and propaganda missions, for what we like or dislike, ARE WE MISSING the real deal?

For all too often, I’ve stood in the company of influential evangelical leaders (just today actually) and had to hold my guts in, so I wouldn’t just bust at their persona that suggested their divine aristocracy above any and all who would vote blue… or is it red? I always get that messed up.

I sat with some dear friends today who, by my circle of professional relationship, would have otherwise been lost and destine for hell, had they not professed the same creed as me, and wondered. Would my other friend, the one with significant evangelical influence, looked at the context of their lives and loved them, or would he have taken a bitter view of their bohemian philosophies and lifestyles? Without even a single glance at their human struggle for truth in a vain and confused culture?

So here is my Basket Issue: I have friends on both sides of the argument. Oh not on both sides of God, per se, but on both sides of culture and education. And for that a grate gulf emerges.

On the one hand, we are the ones who decide what is “worldly” or not and thereby incorporate such patterns and fashions into our worship culture and faith communities, yet the world does exactly the same and we condemn them. Really? Is that what we are all about?

I mean on the one hand, we “wanna be like them… to attacked them” but where does anyone draw the line, since we’ve rejected the Holy Spirit from our midst. Please understand, I’m not just spouting sour grapes, but I believe God has called me and equip me to be a voice… a voice to this and maybe last generation.

My thoughts for the afternoon, without regrets. Will let you know the address of the new blog site. Watch it, it’s gonna come. Basket. The place where we put all our thoughts and stuff.


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  1. good comments. You are very well thought out. I want answers though! Give me answers! Not questions! Lol.
    You are right. We need a full expression of the Spirit of God in our midst. He's the audience the leader, the one who brings people in, etc.

    I think mission sometimes conflicts with the Creator. The organization we create inhibits the actual flow of God in our midst. We serve the org instead of the Holy Spirit.