Sunday, August 7, 2011

Crisis Zombies

Over the course of this last year, many of my friends and loved ones have found themselves in the depths of struggle and crisis; myself included.

Struggle and crisis in life are simply part of the journey. Our goal obviously is to remain in Him where we find strength to maintain and arrive victorious on the other side. But something I’ve noticed in myself and others. During such times or valleys, it can be very easy to find ourselves going about daily life, fulfilling our duties for making a living and just doing life, yet tottering back and forth as we walk, kind of like how zombies walk.

I would call that condition, Crisis Zombies. When people go through the motions of life, and even faith, yet all the while, being dead to the Life that lies just around the corner of the next crisis, is zombie like. I’m not saying we should look for or even anticipate the next struggle or crisis, but for most, the answer or relief is found just past the line when they gave up. Get it?

Far too many of us find ourselves walking around like Crisis Zombies; not really alive, just somehow resuscitated so as to totter through daily activities not really in touch with the Promise that comes to those who wait; those who wait upon the Lord.

I’ve not got this thing mastered yet, but one thing I do know, Crisis Zombies are in need of the Touch, the Breath, and the Voice of the Living God!

When Jesus approached Lazarus’ tomb, He did not call forth a zombie, but a fully alive human. He called forth, specifically by name, a man that might have otherwise been stuck in his tomb until the Resurrection day.

Please understand this; far too many of us have become adept at going through the church and life motions so as to put off nosey inquiries. But in reality we’re just going around like Crisis Zombies, only faking the fact that we’re upright and alive.

If you can admit to going through the motions just to get by, like a Crisis Zombie, then you’re not alone and you’re on the path to Life. There is Hope. Not hope in just one more day to call tomorrow, but Hope in a relationship and Life that produces far greater than just zombies. A Hope that IS LIFE… and not just some tottering facade.

For me, I’m really tired of accepting the Crisis Zombie condition in myself. Are you with me? Are you ready to experience True Life and not just some stop gap resuscitation pep-talk for the next day at hand? I know I am.

So the next time you see me, no Crisis Zombie! Only a living, breathing, listening and speaking resurrected child of God!

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