Thursday, May 26, 2011

Terminal Velocity

As I understand it, when an object is falling through the atmosphere, a mathematical equation comes into play. When the downward force of gravity (Fg) meets or equals the upward force of drag (Fd), the net force on the body falling is then zero and the result is that the velocity of the body remains constant. Google it if you want a more explicit definition.

Recently I’ve been thinking about Terminal Velocity from the standpoint of humanity’s downward fall from grace, and each individual’s portion in slowing the above said process. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we cannot save ourselves from hell or perdition and eternal separation from God. It’s not within our power, we were born outside of the plane in an ever increasing fall from safety, but God saw fit to step in and make a way where there was no way. Nonetheless my question still stands: If we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone, then one must believe that our Terminal Velocity is no longer an issue. As a matter of fact our projected area of grace provided by God through Christ is so vast and the buoyancy effect so great that we are no longer free falling, but we are sustained or even floating if it were.

That being said, can we do anything to resume the effects of downward gravitational pull, and thereby see Terminal Velocity kick in once more? And as we tuck our arms and legs in, and tilt our head once again in a downward direction, do we break free from the projected area and buoyancy provided by God’s grace and once again find ourselves in an ever increasing free fall and Terminal Velocity?

I ask this question, because the scriptures are somewhat divided on the matter of eternal security. Or at least the scholars are divided. And if the scholars are divided, is it any wonder the laity may find themselves confused? Let alone the lesser studied clergy?

For if we cannot fall from grace, it matters not what our potential Terminal Velocity might be, in terms of sinful behavior and waywardness from Christian conscience. But if we can fall from grace, then it would seem lucid and reasonable that we must enter into our own efforts (aided by the Spirit of course) to reduce our Terminal Velocity, by spreading our projected area of mass wide enough (ramping up biblical Christian behavior while avoiding worldly or secular behaviors) and thereby assist the grace of God’s buoyancy and the prevention of splattering on the surface of eternity without God. Make sense?

Regardless of whether it makes sense to you, the question still stands: should we be concerned with our spiritual Terminal Velocity or not? Can anything or anyone separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus? Or can we just, as need and circumstances dictate (usually based on feelings); put our head down and tuck our arms in and see how fast we can fly through this life? Without ever giving a care or concern that the abrupt stop that MAY be coming is really all in God’s hands and we should have no worries?

I believe in this day and age there are far too many questions being levied and for certain there are far too many erroneous answers being tossed out as fact, if not truth, for this whole question to go unaddressed by those who are supposed to actually have the answers. You can join in the buzz these days and take up sides, but one thing is for certain, if Terminal Velocity IS a genuine issue attached to our eternity, we better get the equation right or else its hell pancakes for us all.

I just sayin’

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