Saturday, May 21, 2011

And in Regard to Judgment (John 16:11)

Throughout history people of deep faith have been convinced that the End was at hand. Even in the Apostle Paul’s writings, the tenor changes from him being convinced that he will experience the Parousia in his lifetime; to one of understanding his death would come before that event.

So what might be the significance of this most recent spurious prediction? Well I can tell you it’s less about the accuracy of someone’s biblical prophetic chronology, as it is the WORLD’S awareness and cavalier treatment of the subject.

Even this morning, on the national news (and last night on the late local news) discussion has flown around this subject. But beyond that, what tends to get lost in the melee of mockery IS THE FACT that it’s in the public discussion. Juxtaposed with the headline “Can Peace be Achieved in the Middle East?”

Even right after our President’s speech and declaration that Israel should give up ground to Palestine; people continue to make light of all these matters. For that I’m saddened, yet made very aware of one major fact. The Spirit of God has come to this earth following Jesus’ assentation to the right hand of the Father. And part of the Holy Spirit’s office work is to convince people that our enemy has already been judged, and that judgment IS COMING ultimately to all who inhabit the earth.

Yet with all the Spirit’s efforts to convince the world that the end WILL arrive someday, they go on in their mockery and delusion; while totally ignoring the biblical facts that express the full truth of God’s divine plan. It’s staggering to me, while at the same time inspiring and sobering.

Could any of us have imagined Middle East peace talks, the Rapture, and Judgment Day being the headline for most major news outlets? Probably not, but that’s what’s happening for today; at least.

So what? Right? Well I’ll tell you what; awareness IS BEING RAISED as well as numbness to the truth. For if the truth can be made out to be folly and fairytale, then most hearers will excuse any and all facts that WILL ultimately lead to God’s final plan. Ergo the promise of scripture that mass delusion will come to this planet in the final days and hours before His return.

Even so Lord Jesus come quickly!

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