Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Leveling Effect of Loss

Jesus taught us that if we want to gain we must loose. Now there’s a whole lot of doctrine and theology wrapped up in that paraphrased statement, but the bottom line is this; loss tends to be the universal leveler and God uses it for our advantage. Keeping in mind He needs no advantage, He’s God.

Please don’t misunderstand; I’m not into some Machiavellian authoritative dominance that slashes everyone and everything to the bone so as to achieve some benign personal goal; and by no means does God do the like. But what we can learn from scripture is that loss tends to drive us one direction or the other. Loss in one way or another becomes the fulcrum on which dependency upon God or dependency upon another source is balanced.

In a beautiful and perfect world, life is balanced and perched amazingly upon the pivot point of loss; and no pain or gain is allotted; we’re just placid. That’s an ideal place to be, everything’s peaceful and warm gentle breezes and sweet aromas are whiffing their way through our consciousness. Oh let me bask in the moment. But unfortunately that brief respite isn’t reality, except on TV commercials advertising some beach in the Bahamas.

And yet all of a sudden wham! God takes note of something growing inside. Apathy, pride, self-reliance, worldly delight, immediate gratification, me now and you later; all of which stink in the nostrils of God, because they lure us away from the only Source that matters. They look good from the outside, but once they take root, there’s only one way to deal with them – uproot them.

Ergo the divine effect of loss. Loss tends to bring us back to our diapers and pacifier. A place where we cannot make it alone, a place where Someone else has to step in and protect and provide, because we cannot. Our inability to successfully navigate loss on our own is a divine design, causing us to move toward Him.

Oh granted, our enemy the Satan, exists to spread lies, to steal, kill and destroy, and that factor comes into play for each of us, but keep in mind, there again, could it be part of God’s way for us to find Shelter in Him alone, while all hell is breaking loose upon any given situation? I think so.

For whether it’s minions from hell or simply my old sin nature wanting to be defibrillated; either opponent will cause me to run into God’s arms or away from His arms. And that’s where my free will comes into the picture.

Because His grace is so prevenient, it’s only because of Him that I might even look over my shoulder and consider Him for help. It’s not because I somehow weigh the value of God versus the value of my way. If and when I choose God over me in the midst of loss, it’s really and only because He’s placed that consideration within me.

So the next time that you suffer a degree of loss, consider this; God wants you to trust Him. I know that sounds so cliché, but that IS The Leveling Effect of Loss. Remember, you’re not alone.


  1. Thank you! I so appreciate the word God places on your heart, and the gift He has given you to communicate that word. Thank you for being our Lord's willing vessel!

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