Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Coming Protestant Revival

I should let each of you in on a little secret; I am a member of the Catholic Church. Yes since 1967 I’ve been a card carrying member of the universal Church of Jesus Christ; the true Church. Not just a member of some off-shoot sectarian fellowship, but a part of the Body of Christ here on earth. By His choosing and my accepting – who I was and who He is.

So don’t abandon me now (John 6:66) because you think I pay homage to Rome. I don’t nor ever will. But who I do pay homage to is Jesus Christ my Savior and Lord, my heavenly Father God and my favorite Therapist, the Holy Ghost (Spirit for you newbies). That is where my loyalties and my heart rest, no question, a settled deal, end of story.

But my heart has been burning recently and it’s not because of the acid reflux that I’m battling, but it’s burning in regards to the global shift that appears to be mounting, from the ground up. From the protests being heard around the world, to right here in the United States; people are on the move.

Granted, the reasons for protesting are varied and polarizing, but nonetheless the phenomenon is pushing something to the forefront of the media – power to the people. Whether it’s the Wisconsin state employees or the masses of enslaved North Africans or even the Tea Party bunch right here in the U.S. – people are on the move – people are “crying out” for change. They are “crying out” for freedom, reciprocity, equity, justice, safety, food, and protection – and most of all PEACE. That’s right peace. Oh you think it’s about something else, but guess again.

Peace, that elusive condition of life that each of us craves, even when we don’t know it’s missing from our lives. That missing something that nothing can substitute for very long, without the addictive “jonesing” each one will feel when too much time elapses between fixes of peace.

We can only go so long with tyranny, chaos, dyer need, isolation; the list could go on and on, but without PEACE life evolves desperately in the direction of death and self-destruction – or revival. We can only take the lack of peace for so long and then we “cry out”.

You may say, “Revival, it doesn’t much sound like the world is crying for revival”? I would say guess again. Since we lost our original peace in the garden and between us and God, humanity has been on a desperate quest for the revival of peace within and without. That sense that tells us everything will be okay – I can rest now.

But unfortunately, without the peace that surpasses all understanding, the peace that He alone can provide, not as the world offers, rest will not be found for the weary. And the protesting will continue – unabated until “peace” is offered like a carrot on the end of a stick.

The Coming Protestant Revival will look nothing like that of Luther’s day, except for one detail. People will be pro-testing.

Check out this definition of Protestant: capitalized a : any of a group of German princes and cities presenting a defense of freedom of conscience against an edict of the Diet of Spires in 1529 intended to suppress the Lutheran movement b : a member of any of several church denominations denying the universal authority of the Pope and affirming the Reformation principles of justification by faith alone, the priesthood of all believers, and the primacy of the Bible as the only source of revealed truth; broadly : a Christian not of a Catholic or Eastern church 2 : one who makes or enters a protest.

Okay, don’t get lost in the Reformation part of this definition, that’s for another blog. But focus on the second definition; simply put – one who makes or enters a protest. Hmmm. Do you think we could be on the verge of a Protestant Revival? A revival of people protesting and crying out for something they are not presently getting from their governments or their dictators or their legislators, or whomever?

I think we are, and the day is coming when one will appear on the scene that has the answer; the bridge to PEACE and SAFETY. And across this war torn, heart sick, blinded planet – people in mass will swallow the offer, hook-line-and-sinker!

The Coming Protestant Revival should not be mistaken for a move of God. Be very aware, we have been warned. We have documented proof that God will set the stage for this level of delusion and illusion, so the masses who are in demand – will get exactly what they want. PEACE and SAFETY. They will be offered freedom, reciprocity, equity, justice, safety, food, protection, and most of all PEACE. Oh yeah and cheap gas. Don’t laugh. Someone will come on the scene very soon who will broker all of this, and even the likes of Rick Warren may jump on board (maybe); or at least Bono will.

End of story: The Coming Protestant Revival will force the hand of global leaders to find someone who can speak to the masses, so as to avoid global rebellion and revolution. So keep your media device tuned to the pulse of what’s happening all around us.

This Coming Protestant Revival or revival of protest; will be like no other ever seen or imagined in the history of mankind (Matthew 24, 25).

See you at the revival; or should I say see you from above the revival?

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