Monday, February 7, 2011

More Better Than You Thought

Wouldn’t it be great if that statement became a reality in your life today? You know, so you could say; “I’m really more better than you thought.”

What a wonderful butcher of English grammar I could be, all in the name of causing someone else to feel better. Yet far too often we seek to be proper and steadfast in our approach to restoring others, but what did God do? Seriously how did he bring about the restoration of humanity?

He did what most of us would not do; He let His Son be killed by very evil people. And He stood by; correction, He even turned His back on His Son, when it happened. I couldn’t do that. Aren’t you glad I’m not God? I know I am.

And why did He choose such a dramatic display of love and affection for people who hated Him simply because they didn’t know Him? Because it was more effective than just using bad grammar. Albeit bad grammar makes a point, it saves no one from their sins and their self.

Oh it might make us feel good for a little while, but in reality nothing changes the distance between us and God except the shed blood and death of His Son. And that in itself; should be bad grammar, but it’s not.

Jesus really is More Better Than You Thought. You just have to get passed His bad grammar.

As for me, I’m not Jesus, but I too am More Better Than You Thought! And you?

Keep in mind, as God looks through His Son at us, we all are More Better Than we actually are. Think about it.

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