Sunday, December 5, 2010

From Practical to Profane

I was just sitting here listening to some very absorbing worship music and these thoughts came into my head. How often do we gravitate to the practical side of Christianity, the stuff we can “do” that seems right unto us, yet ultimately leads us into the profane practice of ignoring the very presence of the One for which we should be doing all we do for (Revelation 2:1-5)? I mean really, can’t anyone do acts of kindness and compassion without knowing the One who actually originated and greatest act of cosmic compassion ever known (Romans 5:6; Revelation 13:8)?

What the Spirit means by these questions: doing is far less than being. That’s right; we are not called human-doings, but human-beings. For God is way more concerned with our being than our doing. Oh granted our faith is shown or proven by what we do as believers, but be very careful my friend. Because it can quickly become a competition as to how much and what we can do for Him in light of what others are doing and the direction Christian service is tracking.

If and when that level of Christian service flaunts its faux beauty, we can easily become enamored with our next conquest for Him, even without actually loving Him – thus turning the Practical to the Profane.

Be very careful my dear friends. May we NEVER EVER turn the Practical to the Profane. For the Father desires our love more than our acts of love. And sometimes that’s way harder to live than a works mentality. Because works of kindness and compassion – frankly any acts of service – almost always make us feel good about ourselves, for a season.

Can we, will we, return to our FIRST LOVE? May today be the first day of many on that return trip.

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