Saturday, November 27, 2010

Where Clouds Come From

Ever had a day or season that seemed cloudy or overcast from the inside out? I know I have. As a matter of fact some days seem as Gray as Dorian all the way into my soul; yet knowledge and feelings are two different things.

On the one hand I know certain things because I’ve read them or experienced them. On the other hand, I feel certain things not because I’ve read or experienced them, but simply feel them because that’s how reality is created, by feeling it.

Oh you may disagree, but check out your reality and ask yourself how you feel. If you feel good, then it’s likely what you’ve experienced or are experiencing matches with your learned expectations. If you feel bad in any particular way, its likely expectations are going unmet.

So where do clouds come from? I’m no Mr. Science, but it goes something like this. As I understand it, clouds are a cumulative association of H2O molecules; the more molecules the more visible the cloud. Dark clouds and vast areas of overcast sky are densely packed molecules. Often on very cloudy days rain falls from these dark clouds until enough water leaks out that they change composition and lighten up, sort of.

So what do clouds and feelings have to do with anything? Well, my take on them is this. Much like the formation of clouds, so too with the formation of cumulative feelings, ultimately leading to down pours of emotion. When the conditions or situations are just such, condensation occurs. Whether it’s the condensing of H2O molecules or feelings; both result in the eclipsing of the sun, and thus living in benign shadows becomes our reality. Therefore now there is no “condensation” on those who are in Christ Jesus. Think about it.

You know, maybe that’s why they drink lots of coffee and listen to Nirvana in Portland? Portland averages 222 cloudy days annually. If Portland were a person we’d call her depressed.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like Portland, coffee and even some Nirvana music, but I sure don’t want two thirds of my days being cloudy from the inside out, so what does a person do? How does a person get the sun to shine – on the inside?

Your responses are important to me; I’m working on a big-LIFE-science-project. Thanks.

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