Saturday, January 2, 2010

If God's Love Were an Ocean

If God’s love were an ocean, we’d likely be holding postcard pictures of it in our feeble hands trying to figure out what all the excitement’s all about.

That’s right; that’s about how lame our understanding of God’s love really is. It’s like if you were to try and explain the ocean to someone by using a postcard. They’d go, “Ummm… yeah… that’s nice, but what’s all the fuss?”

Somehow, in the few days we have left, we’ve got to convey a better understanding of how incredible the love of God really is. How expansive and deep and powerful and influential and even salty it really is.

For the love of God, can we ditch the postcards and just get them to the beach? Maybe then they will understand that by encountering something they really can never understand, they eventually understand. Is that esoteric or what?

I’ll look for my ocean photos from the 70’s and see if I can post them.

Tidal influence is greater than any of us can imagine. And think about it; it’s all because of polarity. And we’re so PC about not polarizing our dialog.

Day 2 is here.

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