Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Banner Year for Dry Bones

The Bible tells us that when hope slips away, bones dry up. It also tells us that when our spirits get crushed our bones tend to dry up. And let me tell you, dry bones are not a good thing.

Dry-bone disease, also called brittle-bone disease, is a rare condition characterized by a lack of collagen production in the connective tissue of bones. Its scientific name is Osteogenesis Imperfecta. Those who have dry-bone disease suffer frequent fractures and or breaks due to weak bone structures.

Dry-bone disease is a hereditary condition. The severity of the disease may vary from one generation to the next, or among offspring of the same generation. While there is no known cure for dry-bone disease, physical and occupational therapies help victims cope with their condition. Depending on the severity of the affliction, surgery, physical therapy exercises and aids for positioning and movement are common aspects of treatment.

Yes there is a real medical disease called dry bones. But my concern is far less about the medical disease than the spiritual one.

Difficult circumstances and unmet expectations tend to crush our spirits and when our spirits get crushed our spiritual bone structure tends to dry up and become fragile. We tend to become very vulnerable. Our entire spiritual skeletal structure is in jeopardy.

When the duration of challenge become more than we can handle and hope sifts through our fingers like sand, again our internal structure, our spiritual bones dry up.

My point: This has been a banner year for many of you to experience dry bones and there are few exceptions among us.

The global and national issues have abounded. Local and household issues have pressed in to suck the moisture right out of many a spiritual skeletal structure. The pressure has been on and it looks like there won’t be a let up for quite some time.

Although there is no known medical cure for dry bone disease, there is a divine cure for spiritually dry bones. For some, the treatment may be more difficult than for others. It all depends upon the progression of the disease condition.

Just a little moisture loss; nothing a little Spirit rain, prompted by PASSIONATE WORSHIP can’t cure.

Super dry and brittle bones, due to excessive pain, problems and practically no truth in ones life (and a bit of sinful disobedience thrown in); requires a total baptism in the Spirit and River of life. One must soak in the ALTAR OF GRACE and THE WORD OF GOD. This treatment may take some time and patience; but with God all things are possible. Regular meetings in the closet of prayer can assist in recovery.

Dead dismembered and totally bleached out white and dry as dust bones, due to a total deception and embrace of the enemies lies, resulting in a blatant and rebellious turning from God’s written Word and His spoken Word to ones spirit; will require a PROPHETIC POWER ENCOUNTER with the Living Spirit of God like none other. Although this treatment is the most powerful, it is often the most painful.

The prescribed treatment begins with the most powerful element known to humanity; the VOICE of the Living God. And amazingly enough, though the voice of God is loud it’s also quiet and gentle. But here’s the real kicker. One must HEAR or take an active part in the treatment process. This requires a quiet mind and a willing heart that will PAY ATTENTION and then come into agreement with the Doctor’s voice.

When Doctor God speaks the diagnosis, we must hear it and accept it, and agree with it. Some folks call that repentance; or a changing of ones mind to agree with God.

Ezekiel 37 reveals a desperate case of dry bone disease, the worst kind, but God has a cure.

Join me tomorrow morning at the Remedy church as I flesh out (pun intended) the rest of this message.

Life is ours if we let Him win in 2010.

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