Saturday, January 10, 2009

Someday Church Only Memory?

During the Wednesday night Youth Group gathering at our house, discussion arose about what the church means to people. The students discussed the many friends they knew who claimed to "go to church" but lived and displayed very contrary behavior.

First let me say that I'm blessed with a hand full of kids that for the most part really understand that the "church thing" we all tend to do, has little if anything to do with their relationship with Jesus and being a Christian.

As that thought swirled around the group, we began to ask the question: What if the church became illegal or non-existent as we've historically known it?

Now we weren't talkin' about the dismembering of the Body of Christ here on earth, but the organization, the buildings and locations that far too many think have significance or bearing on if they are "Christian" or not.

By the end of the discussion, the students determined that the possible elimination of the organized group, buildings and land, typically known as church, may indeed become a reality and a good thing at that. A good thing because, to the hungry Child of God, hypocrisy is a bane to their desire to follow Christ and make a difference.

The students said that because so many kids claim Christianity and church, yet so few genuinely live it, their testimony for Christ's work in them, holiness, determination and faith, all seem to fall on deaf ears.

Maybe that's how it's supposed to be in the end. Those who desire to follow Christ, WILL suffer persecution. I know the mild persecution that our students may experience, is NOTHING compared to the millions who are dying for the sake of the Gospel. But, everyday, their lives are tested, just not to the point of death.

I really believe their desire for DISTINCTION of faith and followership in Christ, is okay because it WILL force them to line up on one side or the other. If anything their struggles to follow Christ in this day and age are simply a sad reflection on a nation that had ALL the opportunity to possess and administrate the power and mystery of Christ, yet we have failed our Mission here at home.

Yes... we've failed. So to the student's I would say... live strong NOW for Christ, for the day and the hour will come soon, when their faith WILL be tested to an even greater degree. And to the ones who ENDURE to the end, they will receive the Crown of Righteousness.

So, when our church buildings and our organized religion disappear... we will find out who belongs to Who.

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