Sunday, January 4, 2009

Is Gaza Another Sign?

I watch news. Sometimes too much. Most stuff on TV is hard to watch because it goes contrary to where my heart needs to be, so I avoid most of what's broadcast. But these days, watching the news does something for me. It's not scary or unsettling as one might think. Just the opposite.

As I watch things unfold in Gaza, the Ukraine, Wall Street, Detroit and any number of other places that merit a sound bite report all I can think of is... Jesus you must be coming soon? I know, people have been thinking that for 2000 years, but eventually some generation will see that day.

I wonder how many church folk are keepin' their ear to the ground and their eyes to the sky? Since we've been around this eschatological mountain many times before, for some, they don't think twice. But for others, like myself, I'm thinkin' I might not even get my next sermon done before the Trumpet sounds.

I could be wrong, that's nothing new, but think for a minute... Some generation, some day, some minute will be the ones to see it all unfold. My money's on this generation.

May God protect the innocent people of Gaza and may we know and understand the Power of His Grace and Mercy in these our last days.

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