Sunday, December 28, 2008

The 2 Minute Window

What if I only had 2 minutes to speak to the world? What would I say? That's a question that's been burning in my mind for several days now. For me, that's pretty tough, because I'm given to gab... meander... go round and round... ramble on... chase rabbits... see I'm doing it again. Percolating thoughts and words down to one short and salient point isn't always easy. If all I had was 2 minutes to talk to you... to tell you something... would I be able to meet the challenge? I'm really trying to get to the bottom line on this, because if I can, just maybe I'll touch someones life for eternity sake. If our attention span has gotten smaller and smaller... then by now you're probably bored. So I'll keep thinking of the most important and powerful 2 minutes of my life and yours... and we'll see what comes up! Happy New Year... RAK

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