Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It Used to be Wingtips

Over twenty years ago I entered the full time ministry. That’s not so unusual, because millions have done the same. But something that’s kind of funny is this: when I started out, a good expensive pair of real leather wingtips in burgundy or black was a must. Now it’s a good black pair of Converse All-Stars.

It makes me chuckle inside because, if you were one who donned a killer pair of Cons back in the early 1980’s you must have been a follower of the Sex Pistols or Joan Jett and the Black Hearts. Funny how things change.

As for me, I love wingtips, but I love Converse All-Stars too. I guess because of my extremely flat feet, both work orthopedically for me. As for the Cons and skateboarding, they made more surface contact with the board than most other shoes at the time, notwithstanding Van’s original crape waffle soles.

I love how the packaging is changing, but I have some concerns for the contents of the package. People don’t need doctrine, albeit they’ll reject soundness in these our last days. People don’t need worship, albeit we can “can” our worship to be replicated around the planet; worship begins with the Spirit of Truth, not the latest band or vocal sound (nor lights). People need renewal, but it’s not about some creative genre that pops flashy images and ideas to a hungry crowd, but it’s about men and women carrying the truth of the power and presence of Christ, so as to do signs and wonders and prove that they are following the Word.

So what am I saying: Wingtips, Vans, Cons, or sandals… nothing matters unless the presence of the Living God is there. Period.

So if you wanna do wingtips, great. If you wanna do Converse All-Stars, great. Just make sure Jesus is present in your meetings. That IS THE PROOF that His fruit and favor are in our midst.


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