Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Don’t Fall Much Anymore

Thirty six years ago I began skateboarding. I doggedly pursued that sport for about the ten years that followed. I even picked it up a bit once I started pastoring as an outreach to young people. I had to stop though, I was getting pretty banged up and the older you get, well you know.

But as I learned this particular sport there was a whole lot of falling going on, especially early on, plus when we started building ramps and taking to the air, lots of falls and many bruises and sprains were the norm. But that’s all part of the learning curve to get where you want to go (with anything in life).

But these days I Don’t Fall Much Anymore. The funny thing is, when I do, I’m preaching at the same time. Now don’t jump to conclusions here. What I’m saying is that because I’m stamped from the same DNA of Adam, my original forefather, I tend to list to the left or right from time to time, and even tend to tip over backwards occasionally. Oh my heart’s desire and life’s plan is to remain upright at all times, but you know, sometimes I fall.

Mind you, the falling has yet to be fatal, but it tends to be when the winds and waves are crashing into me, that it happens. I would like to brag about the fact that I never fall in anyway, but I can’t. So what I can say is this, though I Don’t Fall Much Anymore, when I do I’m sharing the grace of God with others at the same time I’m preaching to my own choir.

Now maybe you’re one of those stellar standing never falling individuals, if so let me step back in awe. But I’m not. For in each day I awake I am keenly aware of the fact that through thoughts, feelings and simple misinterpreted events; I find myself reeling with doubts and fears and then find myself in spiritual, emotional and just plain life gridlock. Oh I don’t want it to be that way, but I’m honest enough to say it happens from time to time.

So what do I do when I find myself slowly tipping one way or another? I speak to myself, and most of all I speak to Jesus. I also, find myself sharing with others the grace that I’ve yet to fully lay hold of myself. And therein lays the image that prompted my thinking on this matter.

It’s like the Nestea plunge and as I’m slowing falling back wards I’m speaking the truth to myself and others even as I plummet. Some might say that’s hypocritical, but I think otherwise. For in the very fact that I admit to my struggles, and that admission comes from the inner most parts of my heart, with honest and holy fear before God and man, I am then able to release the truth of His grace to myself and even those that observe from a distance. Did you get that?

So the next time you feel yourself listing in a direction that just seems like it’s going to end NOT well, know this; that even while you are going down for the moment, you’re not out of the arena of testimony, and thereby you can and will have power to express the truth of God that is NOT predicated upon your ability to stand and NEVER fall, but solely upon Him.

I Don’t Fall Much Anymore, but when I do, I am not silent. For the Message that is in me, and that has provided for me, the rebound of Resurrection power; He delights when I bounce back and keep on going!

Think about it.

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