Monday, June 27, 2011

If I Could Use Only Two Words

What might they be? Let me list some options.
More Please… Go Away… No Thanks… Can Do… Stay Put… Get Back… What’s That… Why Me… Not Now… Big Deal… Let’s Go… Shut Up… Good Job… Fair Well… Too Late… Be Good… Hold On… Fear Not… That’s Nice… Thank You… You’re Welcome… Excuse Me… I’m Sorry… Forgive Me… Help Me... (I deliberately didn’t choose Roger Daltrey’s two word combos from Tommy).

And the list could go on and on. It’s kind of fun, you should try it. But I came to the conclusion that the words I would use right now are: TURN BACK. That’s right, turn back. Because I believe in entropy and atrophy; I think we are way off course and headed in the wrong direction. Now I’m not talking about modern technological advances, although there are some drawbacks (new smart phones every six months for instance); no what I am talking about is something far more cosmos and Kingdom oriented.

You see I believe we started off in the Garden in a particular state of being, and I believe that is where we all ultimately want to be, despite our unwillingness to admit it. We laughingly talk about running around naked and unafraid in some beautiful paradise with our Father God, but that’s really what this thing all started out as being. Kids and their Dad, family, relationships, fearless-love, security, joy and tons of quality time in the lap of love.

Now call me crazy (some do so it’s okay… go ahead), but I really want to get back to that place; and I by God am going to. Seriously, only by God can I ever imagine getting back to that place, but by His grace and power alone will I. And you?

Let’s consider those two words (among many): TURN BACK. Are you ready to do a 180˚ turn? From where you are right now? Do you need to TURN BACK and see some real changes in your life?

Remember, it's only two words, but oh how important they very well may be.

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