Monday, March 21, 2011

No Place for Mercy

If ever there was a time and place for no mercy; here and now is it. Let me explain.

About three times in the gospels, we find a story of Jesus approaching a demon possessed man. Google the story and read it for yourself. Anyway, as the Son of God approaches the man filled with legions of minions from hell, they all spontaneously do something that the enemy tends to do when he’s backed into a corner. They begged for mercy.

That’s right, the entire legion of demons begged and begged, repeatedly that Jesus not send them away or into an arid region (a dry place). And they even begged Him not to cast them into the Abyss (the bottomless pit mentioned in Revelation). I guess because that’s one nasty place with the arch demons locked up and all.

So get this, the demons that so mercilessly tormented this poor man, for years; and stole his very life, actually begged Jesus to be “kind” to them. Oh my word, can you believe the audacity of these minions to actually beg for mercy from Jesus.

And guess what? He gave them mercy. Now granted, He’s the Son of God and He’s come to grant mercy, but I can hardly believe that He was that kind.

For what I’m suggesting, just might blow your socks off. I’m suggesting that in our day and age, the same demonic spirit appeals to each of us when it comes to standards of holiness and righteousness. Some might call it being politically correct.

Nonetheless, when the enemies of the Kingdom are exposed, they screech out cries of mercy. When all the while they have tormented and bound humanity without mercy or compassion. Now get what I’m saying.

If we are not careful, EVERY TIME we are challenged by lies or deception or political correctness, be very careful; because you may be hearing the minions from hell crying “mercy… mercy” so as to play on your Christian sentiment. The sentiment of mercy and compassion; and I say that’s No Place for Mercy or compassion.

That IS NOT the time to back off or have mercy. At best they must be cast into “pigs” or some other cultural anathema so as to self-destruct; so as to be banished to arid places where survival IS NOT possible.

Now don’t miss what I’m saying. For us to “live in truth we must betray error”. That’s right. We can no longer be in love with a lie; we can no longer massage the error of our ways or the iniquity that seeks to be resuscitated within. And further we must be frugal with our mercy, because the enemy of our souls is historically smarter than our historic Christianity. Yes that’s true. Our enemy knows that we by Christian nature are compassionate and likely very merciful, like our Master.

But therein lays the TRAP; for if you look at the composite exposure of the legion of demons in the poor man from Gadarene, they had absolutely NO MERCY, yet they had the audacity to ASK FOR MERCY. That’s just like psychopathic spirits. Merciless until they need it for themselves.

So, the next time you’re tempted to be politically correct, or to not call sin, sin. Or to not call evil, evil; or any other number of demonic ploys for mercy, based upon the lie that Christians are supposed to be merciful, just tell them in Jesus’ Name, this is No Place for Mercy; and get on with advancing the Kingdom of our God and cast them into a heard of pigs (you pick the political party).


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