Thursday, October 21, 2010

Call Me a Sock Puppet

Just recently I was thinking about my greatest need in life. It’s not what you might think. You can create your own list of things you think I might need in life, but let me tell you what that need is.

Since it’s possible to go through life without the leading of the Lord, or at least possible to ignore or reject the leading of the Lord, my greatest need is to be led by God. Let me explain.

In John 5:19, Jesus tells us that He always and only does what He sees the Father doing. As a matter of fact He says that He can do nothing nor will He do anything that He first has not seen the Father doing. In other words Jesus is like a Sock Puppet on the hand of the Father.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to be irreverent toward Jesus or the Father. But simply put, God in me and animating me IS the only way I truly desire to live (although I fail many times).

Later in John 10:37, Jesus even tells us we are NOT to believe Him whatsoever, unless He is doing exactly what the Father is doing (how might our lives changed if we told the same to those around us). If the Father is acting, Jesus acted. If the Father spoke, Jesus spoke. If the Father rested, Jesus rested.

Now you may think this is kind of robotic, but it’s not. It’s the only way flesh can do the will of God. Flesh left to itself is mindless and lifeless. Oh it may not look that way from the outside, but without God being the hand inside the Sock Puppet; it’s still just a sock.

No matter what analogy you choose, God has planned it in such a way that we and He become one. As a matter of fact Jesus spoke about how the Father was in Him and He will be in us and we can all be one. Check out Jesus’ teaching on the Sock Puppet concept; John 14.

Please understand that albeit we think we’re living, since we get up and go to work, eat and sleep, and spend and use, we are NOT alive unless the Divine Hand of the Father is slipped neatly into the center of our lives. For the greatest deception we can live with is that we are alive when we are not.

The only way that we CAN LIVE is by allowing God to fully and always dwell so deeply within us, that all we ever do is what He is animating from the inside. When we move, it had better be His guiding hand. When we speak, it had better be His voice we are repeating. If not, we are on a collision course with destruction, only to be veiled in bios life, and NOT empowered by zoe life.

The next time you think you want a life of your own, look at your pile of dirty socks. That’s basically what our lives look like without God IN us.

Call Me a Sock Puppet if you want, I’m okay with that.
1 John 5:11-12

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  1. Very true! I always enjoy reading what you have to say sir, good stuff :)