Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just Make it FUN - Part 2

Okay, based upon Ruthie’s commentary on me making commentary on FUN, I thought I’d better run this thing through the wringer one more time and see if we can squeeze any more thoughts out.

For those of us who are arm chair theologians, there can be no mistake about it, the Bible does NOT teach anything about FUN. For that there should be no question, but YES the Bible speaks volumes to the subject of JOY.

Both of which are NOT synonymous. I point that out because one can have both joy and fun in life and even simultaneously, but fun IS NOT an indicator of true joy, nor is joy and indicator that one is having fun. “Are we having fun yet?” - Said the missionary candidate while slaving in the hot sun.

Having a sense of joy unspeakable or joy that is beyond explanation is far more satisfying than just having fun; and having fun while possessing the joy of the Lord is a phenomenal thing. It tends to buoy ones soul like nothing short of the flaming touch of the Holy Spirit in any given situation.

But please STILL don’t miss my point.

Fun as defined by our modern age is something far different than godliness with contentment as great gain. We live in an age of over stimulation and dissatisfaction. Therefore humanity, especially the younger generations in the US-of-A, are in constant pursuit of happiness or something FUN.

Now granted, Ruthie’s guffaw at the idea of Russell challenging the concept of FUN was indeed ironic, but therein lies challenge.

Does anyone really know what Russell considers FUN?

You see fun is relative to where one is in their soul health. Fun 27 years ago was splitting a bottle of Yukon Jack with a good friend or two. Fun 27 years ago was stoking a bowl of high test pot while mellowing out watching MTV. Fun 27 years ago was attempting a smoke bomb blast that would fill a city block so as to ruin a senior recital of an avowed enemy.

Yet 15 years ago fun was fasting and praying until the Holy Spirit came so powerfully that no one in church could stand it. Fun 15 years ago was championing the cause of holiness amongst the brethren so as to open the heavens above this state. Fun 15 years ago was feeding my son a fresh bowl of rice cereal then giving him a bath. Fun 15 years ago was laboring my way through the first few credit hours of a Master’s degree. Fun 15 years ago was getting together with all the ministers from Section 7 for a killer Christmas party and laughing until someone wet their pants.

Fun today is having work to supply my family with food, clothing and shelter. Fun today is seeing God move in a dark and dry place called the souls of my unbelieving friends. Fun today is being debt free and loving it. Fun today is having the strength and wherewithal to keep up with my son on our dirt bikes. Fun today is having a romantic dinner out with my wife and knowing the kids are at camp for a week. Fun today is being able to still sing like Larry Norman and David Crowder while gargling with Mountain Dew.

FUN IS RELATIVE. But soul health IS NOT.

So when I write about child centered parents who think or demand that their kids have FUN at church, I do so with an understanding of their relative soul health. Not with disdain.

I will be thinking more about this thing called FUN and I plan to share more as the Spirit leads or my funny bone dictates. This second post was Ruthie’s fault so hunt her down. She lives somewhere in the western part of Iowa.

So whatever you do HAVE FUN… but know there will come a day when FUN is not the main thing.

LOL – What does that mean anyway?

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