Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just a Note on My Morning:

Most pastors are preparing for their traditional Wednesday night Bible study on Wednesday morning. Here’s how my bi-vocational-crazy-daily-full-schedule-day unfolds.

7:00 AM – I’m trying to drink my second cup of coffee after spending quality time with my wife.
7:30 AM – I sit down to begin a billing statement for my last few weeks of work.
8:00 AM – I take a phone call from my current client regarding issues on our present job.
8:30 AM – I begin reviewing my tax return from my CPA (Thomas Hammar the best). I click yes OK.
9:00 AM – I continue on with my billing statement for present client on the kitchen remodel & other stuff.
9:30 AM – Sarah’s off to assist with our new client RE life issues and job expectations.
10:00 AM – I’m hoping to be done with billing and phone calls, but Hydro-Clean has just blown sewage up through our drains because the city is putting a new liner inside our 12 inch sewer main at the street.
10:30 AM – I’m out front of the house whistling at the Hydro-Clean guy to find out why sew gas is bubbling up through the toilets and showers of our house. Then I use bleach cleaner to mop up the mess.
11:00 AM – I’m calling Sarah to keep her up to speed as to what my morning has entailed.
11:30 AM – Finished the billing statement to present client… wondering if I should stay home and prep for Wednesday night youth group or song set for Sunday AM. THIS IS WHY I NEED THE HOLY SPIRIT TO HELP ME DO MY MINISTRY WORK… and just live my life as God has given it.

Oh the beauty and luxury of being a pastor. Or should I say a bi-vocational pastor.


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