Wednesday, February 24, 2010

STAND UP straight

I read somewhere that if you aspire to be a writer, you should write; everyday, rain or shine, whether you feel like it or not, whether you have something to write or not. Just write.

As for that discipline I’ve yet to fully develop a clear pattern, but it is emerging.

If there is a pattern to my writing it’s more like computer generated fractals. Sometimes pretty, often weird and always changing, but with a cyclical equation built in so as to keep generating thoughts that only God knows where they will end.

I kind of like it that way for now, but I believe God has something more in the days ahead. Did you know that some people never really liked tie-dyed or paisley clothing? I know that’s really hard to believe. I was never one of them.

My thought for the day is this: I’ve had many teachers over the years, but very few fathers. That’s right, fathers; men who have possessed such stellar character and depth of care and concern for my life that their very influence (relationship) has shaped who I am today. For that there are few to none. Read 1 Corinthians 4:14-16 from the Amplified or The Message Bible.

Oh I know my biological dad was a good man. And in terms of real influence he may have had his share, but I can honestly say that his share was often of less influence than the off balance influences others had.

When I was an adolescent my dad was constantly critiquing my body posture. Now granted, those were the days of slouching teenagers, bell bottoms, bare feet, and of course that proverbial long hair; but in all reality I did have bad posture. I suppose my dad was keen to that fact because of the Scoliosis he lived with. He contracted polio as a kid and it took its toll on his body. It even caused him to be declared 4-F for the Korean War.

Anyway, my dad was constantly riding me about standing up straight, but often his concern for my outward appearance over shadowed any concern for my inward appearance or my future life and influence. Don’t get me wrong, my dad did care about my eternal destiny, but beyond that, his influence on my inside was very little, plus what influence he did have was tainted by his own baggage and misconceptions.

So I ask you today to think deeply. Take some time and ask yourself what mentors or influencers had the greatest affect on your life? Don’t try to put people in that picture who you think or wish should have had the most influence, but be real and honest. Who shaped who you are today? Your answer may cause some degree of shame, but embrace the truth it will begin the process of setting you free.

For me, an honest assessment of those individuals will be very painful and eclectic; ergo the patterns and persona I’m known for… like it or not.

I think I’ll go put on something tie-dyed or paisley and get on with my day. But someday I will be a father and it will have nothing to do with tie-dye or paisley. So I’d better stand up straight or else.

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